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So you're looking for an editor job? Mandy Crew USA is the best place to start your search, because we have roles across the country including, but no...
So you're looking for an editor job? Mandy Crew USA is the best place to start your search, because we have roles across the country including, but not limited to Georgia, New York and Los Angeles.

Editors are one of the most crucial roles within a film or TV production; they help bring everything together into a cohesive piece for audience to enjoy. As a post production role editors can sometimes work from home, as they aren't required on-set. They will usually use/need access to Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid Media Composer as these are the industry standards for editing.

This is not to say that editors will only find work on movies or TV shows, there is a continually growing call for this role within the commercial and corporate world. As digital media develops, companies are investing more time & money in video content, whether it is for social media, internal training videos or 'how-to' content for consumer consumption. This is great news for editors, as there is more opportunity for work and additional ways to develop a more diverse skillset. For those who want to work in the entertainment industry, Mandy have plenty of jobs working on feature films, shorts, TV, documentaries, news and music videos. There are so many options available the hard bit will be choosing what to apply for next.

Mandy Crew USA (previously known as Film & TV Pro) is a jobs board that caters for experienced professionals and also lists opportunities for entry level members at the start of their careers. Job titles can vary quite considerably, so it is worth taking your time to review them and read the requirements of each individual role; it will likely be that despite a slightly different title to what you expected you have the skills needed to get hired. Examples of how job titles can vary include:

1) the seniority of the post, for example "Assistant editor" or "Senior editor".
2) the intended output of the work, for example "News Editor", "Promo Editor" or "Trailer editor".
3) specific skills required, for example "Adobe Premiere Pro CC Editor", "Digital-Linear Editor" or "Picture/Animatic Editor".
4) if it is a hybrid role, for example "Editor/Photographer" or "Creative Strategist/Video Editor".
Because a lot of editing skills are transferrable, you should consider apply for positions that may feel slightly outside of you comfort zone.

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All jobs on our website are verified by our team so that you, our members, can browse all the opportunities listed knowing that the time you spend applying is for positions that meet minimum standards. Use the fields below to find jobs in your area or that include specific keywords.

Read through the list below of editor jobs that are live on the site and ready to apply for. If you find a role that interests you just sign up for a Mandy premium account and apply.

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