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So you're a makeup artist looking for work? At Mandy Crew USA (previously Film & TV Pro) we have opportunities across the country, including film & TV...
So you're a makeup artist looking for work? At Mandy Crew USA (previously Film & TV Pro) we have opportunities across the country, including film & TV hotspots such as New Orleans, Atlanta, LA & NYC.

The vast majority of roles are requested on a freelance basis. If it's not specified in the job title then check out the salary/rate; those stated by the hour, day or as a flat rate are usually freelance. There are however some opportunities that require a full-time candidate.

As with a lot of pre & post production jobs nowadays the variety of work has increase dramatically, there are five types of project that regularly get job listings on Mandy:

1) Commercial projects, such as those from corporate clients looking to create internal or promo content. This could be traditional video or increasingly for VR. These jobs are often require artists for a single day.
2) Short films, where a lot of Hollywood directors make their debut, such as Paul Thomas Anderson & Tim Burton, whilst other will move back into short films, such a Sofia Coppola & Neill Blomkamp. These roles offer chance to work alongside incredibly talent people potentially near the start of their careers. These will usually carry shorter contracts of a week or less.
3) Feature films, as you would expect these require longer contracts, with these gigs to be anywhere from one week to a few months.
4) TV shows, it is widely thought that we are in the golden age of television with the likes of Game of Thrones, Chernobyl and Big Little Lies. These opportunities usually carry the longest contracts, either permanent (if the show is on the air continually) or for multiple months (if it's a traditional 24 episode season).
5) Online projects, such as web-series. These have increased in popularity over the past decade and like short films are providing showrunners with their big breaks, such as with Broad City & Web Therapy. Due to the budget of these projects you can expect contracts to be a couple of days.

The variety of projects available makes it easier for entry level makeup artists to hone their skills and work on projects that require more experience. The most sought after makeup artists will need to be skilled in multiple aesthetic types, with projects calling for anything from a natural look or period makeup all the way through to monster makeup or simulated injuries. So if you can develop these skills you will be in a great position to secure roles.

Unlike other production roles, where employers will often ask from multiple hybrid elements to the job, makeup artists tend to be requested as just that without much variation. That said, one hybrid role that will frequently arise is "Hair & Makeup Artist", so having skills in this area will help when applying for roles. Some smaller projects will ask you to provide your own makeup and these will usually have a higher rate, if they don't then it is worth clarifying with the employer what is required and who will be providing the relevant materials.

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We manually review each job on Mandy Crew USA. This ensures that are members are only shown opportunities that meet our minimum salary requirements and most important it means that every job listed is real, so you don't spend your valuable time applying for roles that aren't available. you can use the filter fields to narrow down your search by job type, location and any specific keywords you want.

When you find a makeup artist job you want to apply for you can simply create a Mandy account and submit your application.

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