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Makeup Artist Jobs in Film & TV

What does a Makeup artist do?

Within film and television, makeup artists play a pivotal role in creating the correct style for their characters by carefully maintaining the continuity of their artists' “look”. The makeup stylist is responsible for ensuring that their hair and makeup reflects the characters social class, time period, wellbeing, personality so that the desired illusion is accurately portrayed.

Movie makeup artists, also referred to as the makeup designer, are hired on a freelance basis to join the cast and crew, they accompany their actors whilst on set to not only take care of touch ups but to also remove performers' makeup, facial hair and small prosthetics swiftly when required. It is key that makeup artists are experienced in using a wide variety of professional makeup products. It is also important to note that as a freelance makeup artist you’ll be expected to work long hours with long spells away from home. Read more

As the makeup stylist, you’d report to and be briefed by the chief makeup artist, once briefed accordingly you will be expected to research and create your own design notes so you can familiarise yourself with the character’s look you will be creating. Whether it be the principle or supporting actors, you will become an integral part of the team, ensuring your actors are happy, comfortable and ready for their upcoming scene.

It is a fantastic role which allows your creative talents to flourish whilst testing your ability to stick to a brief, work to makeup designs and meet production requirements.

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  • Posted Date
  • 01/15/19
    Television / TV (News)
    Salary/Rate: Available on application per year
    Location: Burbank, CA
    Television / TV (News)
  • 01/09/19
    Film (Short)
    Salary/Rate: $500 per day
    Location: Los Angeles
    Film (Short)
  • 01/08/19
    Salary/Rate: 100 per hour , Negotiable, non-union
    Location: Boston
  • 01/07/19
    Television / TV (News)
    Salary/Rate: Available on application per year
    Location: New York, NY
    Television / TV (News)
  • 12/12/18
    Film (Short)
    Salary/Rate: 150 per day
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Film (Short)
  • 12/10/18
    Film (Feature)
    Salary/Rate: $150 to $200 per day
    Location: Los angels
    Film (Feature)
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