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So you want to work as a production assistant? Mandy Crew USA (previously called Film & TV Pro) is the best place to find jobs opportunities in the TV...
So you want to work as a production assistant? Mandy Crew USA (previously called Film & TV Pro) is the best place to find jobs opportunities in the TV & movie industry. We list roles across the country, including Hollywood, NYC, Atlanta, Utah, Portland & further afield.

Production assistants work primarily in the film industry or TV sector and will often be found on-set working with any & all departments. Usually you will be answerable to a particular department head, but you can be called upon by anyone within the filmmaking process to carry out tasks. Despite being an entry level position, a production assistant carries a lot of responsibility. It's not all 'getting coffee' and 'chauffeuring scripts', you work across multiple disciplines and will be an integral member of the production crew. You are involved in every stage of the process, which include pre & post production duties. Whilst you don't need a formal qualification to work as a PA it is important to have a passion for film & TV, show enthusiasm and be willing to carry out a variety of tasks.

Whilst PA roles have historically worked on movies or TV shows, there are more opportunities arising in the corporate sector. As large companies invest more in video, larger productions will call for a production assistant. Organizations that are producing a high volume of content for digital distribution such as on social or for articles with usually have an entire production team. Digital marketing agencies that have a lot of clients on the books will also post crew jobs.

Production assistants work in multiple sectors and on a variety of projects:

1) Entertainment: Film, TV & Radio. Within this you may work on features, shorts, news, documentaries or TV shows.
2) Corporate/Digital: Creating content for online distribution, for the likes of BuzzFeed, HuffPost & TechCrunch.
3) Events: Assisting in the recording of live performances and events, such as the Super Bowl, Victoria Secret Fashion Show or a new cellphone launch.
4) Still photography: Whilst rarer, still shoots of a certain size may require a PA.
5) Industry specific: such as education, with not all content being for entertainment purposes Mandy lists jobs within multiple arenas.

If you're wondering how to get a job in film then the production assistant role is a great start. You will pick up knowledge of various departments and gain a rich understanding of the filmmaking process. Once you have got your foot in the door, you are more likely to secure future work within a film crew or working in an alternative role on a tv production. These roles are a great way to make industry contacts; by impressing both established & rising stars within the sector.

Most production assistant roles are freelancer. If is unclear, you can usually tell by looking at the salary/rate. If you will be paid by the day or per hour it is more than likely freelance. If a salary is stated as per annum/year then it is more likely to be a full time role. This is not a hard and fast rule, so be sure to read all relevant opportunity listings. It is important to know what kind of role you're looking for and to apply for opportunities that match your needs.

All jobs that appear on Mandy Crew USA are reviewed by a member of the team, so you apply with confidence that the time you spend on an application is for a job that exists and will have an appropriate salary from a reputable employer.

Use the options below to hone your search results by job type, location & any keywords you're interested in. Every role on the list is a production assistant job available right now. When you find a suitable role, sign up for a Mandy account and start applying.

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