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So you're looking for a videographer job? Mandy Crew USA is a great place to start your search, as we have opportunities across the country, including...
So you're looking for a videographer job? Mandy Crew USA is a great place to start your search, as we have opportunities across the country, including Los Angeles, Georgia, New York, Utah & beyond.

Videographers can work in television or in the film industry but certainly in recent years the opportunities available to videographers has expanded. Production roles can now be found in various commercial settings, including marketing agencies and corporate companies that are not necessarily in the entertainment industry. Video content is getting more popular, so brands are looking to increase their output. This footage is used for the likes of social media, digital posters, training material and expos. As consumer expectations on quality rise so does the need for talents individuals to create the content; this all means that production crew are in higher demand. If you are wanting to work in a film department then we have jobs with production companies and film studios as well, so working on movies & TV shows is also an option.

We have jobs for entry level videographers as well as those with years of experience under their belts. Mandy Crew USA (formerly Film & TV Pro) will help you find your next career move. There are a large variety of job titles that employers use, so when you are reviewing the jobs board you should considering each one individually. There will likely be cross over and transferable skills you can bring to a job you may not think you have done before. So what can change a job title?

1) the level of experience you're expected to have, for example "Assistant Videographer", "Junior Videographer" or "Senior Videographer".
2) the type of video or subject matter of the video, for example "Event Videographer", "Digital Content Videographer" or "Documentaries Videographer".
3) whether the role is a hybrid, for example "Videographer/Editor", "Videographer/Producer" or "Videographer/Photographer".
Roles often have similarities in the type of work you will be doing, so employers will welcome applications from talented professionals who have held similar positions.

A lot of roles are freelance, but not all. If the job titles doesn't expressly say that it is looking for a freelancer, then look at the salary/rate. If the rate is paid per hour, per day or is a flat rate to is more than likely freelance. If the salary is per year then the employer will probably be looking for a full time candidate.

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Every single job listed on Mandy Crew USA is manually reviewed by a member of staff, so you're safe in the knowledge that everything you apply for is real and that they meet minimum salary requirements. Using the fields below you can filter by state, job type and specific keywords of your choosing. Browse the list below of videographer jobs available to apply for right now. When you find a role you like the look of you can sign up for a Mandy account and apply.

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