In-car Navigation

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Who hasn't been tempted to start an argument with their in-car navigation system? Unless you're working to create a novelty sat-nav personality, to minimalise frustration you need to make your voices as clear and neutral as possible.

In order for the audio instructions to sit neatly with satellite data, there's a very specific formula for recording in-car navigation. The files you record can be split into three groups:
1) The Basics: (e.g. "after", "100", "then" & "meters")
Your first step will be to record the bare bones of the navigation system, and will include disjointed terms inflected in a way that will sound natural in pieced-together sentences.
2) The Directions: (e.g. "keep left" & "exit ahead")
These bites will sound more natural, but it's important to ensure they fit smoothly with the basics.
3) The Alerts: (e.g. "You have arrived at your destination" & "Be aware of the congestion charge")
As they are designed to be played independently of other sound bites, you will have a greater flexibility when recording these phrases.

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