How to prepare for your first audition

Congratulations! You have nailed an audition, and this may be your first audition. It is normal to feel quite excited, nervous or scared at the procedure. However, once you overcome this initial barrier, you will feel more confident with future auditions to come. Everyone has to start somewhere, so this initial audition may be the step to more opportunities for you, as an actor.

Firstly, make sure you know what you have to prepare for your audition. This is vital, as if you prepare, at least you have made a positive impression on the casting director or producer, and they will see you as a competent, organised actor who they will not regret working with. Make sure you check with your agent or what information the production team have given you, and ensure you are prepared for what they ask you. For example, they may have asked you to prepare a monologue. Make sure you pick a monologue that fits with the mood or tone of what you are auditioning for, and learn your lines. Be prepared to improvise or take direction, by changing the direction of your piece if necessary. If you have been asked not to prepare anything, such as just performing a cold reading session or improvisation, do not fear. Just go in with an open mind, and be willing to take direction and be spontaneous. Moreover, you can still do voice or facial expression exercises. All you have to know, is what you need to prepare for.

Research who the company is, or the work they have done before. This will make you more familiar with them, which will ease the nerves, but also show interest and enthusiasm. You are showing that you are keen to work with them.

In addition, as stated earlier, do some warm up exercises before your audition. For example, you could do some voice exercises, by practicing tone, pitch and volume. On the other side, awaken your facial muscles by doing some techniques. Simply, get yourself into performing, so when you do your audition you can simply get into the process. Although, make sure you do not tire yourself too much on this, as you still need lots of energy for your audition!

Remember to bring your good quality headshots and an acting CV. This indicates professionalism to the casting team, and gives a suggestion of your organisation and work ethic. Plus, in most castings, it is likely you will be asked to bring these items, so be prepared to have a copy if you need it. Furthermore, make sure you are prepared with what you need to wear for your audition. Just make sure it is suitable for the audition process or part, and that you are comfortable in it.

Also, ensure you or a parent knows the address and timings for your audition, so you can work out the directions and leave early so you can be on time for your audition. If you are on time for an audition, you will have time to prepare and relax, as well as making a good impression on the casting direction.

Remember to always be polite and kind during the audition process, to the casting team, people working in the building and to the other actors auditioning.

Finally, make sure you get a good night sleep before the day of your casting. An audition is a rigorous process that demands energy and enthusiasm from you. If you are sleepy and tired, that energy will be lacking, which is essential to amaze the casting team. Have a good sleep, at least for eight hours, and you will feel fresh and ready for your audition!

Again, do not worry if you do not get the part. Rejection is always there in an actor's life, but it is all about learning from our experiences and working hard. There will always be more opportunities. This is just the first step. Good luck!