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Coronation Street's Bruno Langley blames sex attacks on playing gay character

Coronation Street's Bruno Langley has blamed sex attacks on playing a gay character.

29th November 2017
/ By Matthew Whitehouse

Coronation Street  star Bruno Langley GETTY

The 34-year-old former Coronation Street star admitted to lunging drunkenly at two women and grabbing their crotches in a Manchester nightclub on October 1. 

He will now be placed on the sex offenders' register for five years, receive a 12 month community order and must pay out £250 to each of his victims.

Langley's solicitor Simon Hancock argued: “It was completely out of character. Something happened that night, most possibly in relation to the character he was playing.

"These two offences happened within one evening but are linked to alcohol. The result was despicable behaviour.”

District Judge Mark Hadfield said at Manchester Magistrate's court: "On that evening your conduct was quite disgraceful, indeed degrading.

"On a number of occasions you sexually assaulted females whilst being on licensed premises."

Langley – who played Todd Grimshaw on Coronation Street – said in a statement: "I sincerely apologise to the people involved and affected by my disgraceful behaviour on the evening of 30th September.

"I have absolutely no memory of what happened because of excessive alcohol consumption and it was for this reason that I behaved completely out of character.

"However, I take full responsibility for my actions that night.

"Since this incident I have been dealing with, and confronting some personal issues that I have never addressed, and I am also getting help for an alcohol problem, so that this does not ever happen again."

According to Manchester Evening News, Langley will leave Coronation Street by Christmas Eve.