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How to have a dance career for life

Dancing for a living is not only fiercely competitive but can take its toll physically over the years – so how can you get into the industry and stay in it for life?

29th October 2017
/ By Andrew Wooding

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Love it
Dance – like many creative arts – can be a slog to begin with. Generally, it's one of the lowest paid of the arts too. So if you're wanting to dance for life then you better not be doing it for money, fame or praise. Do it because it's a compulsion. A life partner that you can never let go.

Get good
Dancers shouldn't need to be told this but training, rehearsing and learning are lifelong habits that will keep you in the game for good. There is no space at the dancing-for-life table for arrogant or lazy part-timers. Work hard, get good and stay good.

Look after yourself
Dance is physically intensive and often leads to performers bowing out of their dreams earlier than desired and/or starting a second unrelated career. But this doesn't have to be the case. Do train hard, do work hard but listen to your body, react and take steps to avoid doing serious damage to yourself and career.

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Play the long game
If you want to dance for life, then plan for life. It might sound simple but constantly finding out the differences between styles of dance, the impact they have on the body and how peers and renowned dancers have stayed dancing for life will keep you on course.

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