Johnny Depp sued for allegedly punching location manager on movie set

Superstar actor Johnny Depp is being sued for allegedly punching a crew member on the set of his latest movie City of Lies.

10th July 2018
/ By Sahalie Donaldson

Actor Johnny Depp faces another lawsuit NICOGENIN

In addition to the lawsuit against Depp, location manager Greg 'Rocky' Brooks also sued the film’s director and producers for “unspecified damages”.

Brooks filed the lawsuit on Friday July 6 and in it wrote that the 55-year-old actor directed two punches to his ribs.

The location manager claims he was fired from the production after refusing to write and sign a non-disclosure agreement, which would ensure Brooks couldn’t sue.

City of Lies was shooting around the LA Barclay Hotel at the time and, according to Brooks, the incident took place April 2017.

Brooks alleges he told director Brad Furman that one of Depp’s upcoming scenes would need to be the last outdoor shot of the night due to legal regulations.

According to the restrictions, the production team only had permission to film until 7pm outside the hotel and 10pm indoors.

The lawsuit alleges Furman then forced Brooks to go outside the confines of his regular duties and personally inform Depp of the regulations and tell the actor shooting had to finish for the evening.

Brooks said he was looking for security to accompany him for the task when Depp approached “reeking of alcohol”.

He described the actor as “angrily and forcefully” landing the punches across his ribs.

When Brooks refused to retaliate, Depp allegedly said: “I will give you one hundred thousand dollars to punch me in the face right now.”

Brooks said it was Depp’s own bodyguards who had to restrain the actor and pull him away to stop him from inflicting further damage.

According to the lawsuit, Brooks was fired when he returned to work the next Monday.

In addition to saying Brook's employment was wrongfully terminated, the lawsuit claims the former crew member has suffered immense physical and mental pain since the incident.