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Morrissey interview released by Der Spiegel after denying comments

German newspaper Der Spiegel have released the alleged full audio interview conducted with singer Morrissey after the former The Smiths frontman claimed the quotes in their article were untrue.

13th December 2017
/ By James Collins

Morrissey singing GETTY

Following a statement from Morrissey, posted to his official Facebook page on Monday (December 11), denying quotes attributed to him in a recent interview with German newspaper, Der Spiegel, the publication has released the alleged full audio of the full interview via their website.

During the interview, Morrissey suggested that actor Kevin Spacey had been “unnecessarily attacked" with regards to the allegations of sexual assault levelled at the actor.

In the interview, Morrissey said: "People know exactly what's going on, and they play along.”

"Afterwards, they feel embarrassed or disliked. And then they turn it around and say, 'I was attacked, I was surprised'."

He called Spacey being cut from upcoming films – including Ridley Scott's All the Money in the World – “absurd”.

The former The Smiths singer’s statement denied that he had made these comments. 

And, during a recent concert, Morrissey was filmed saying: “Unless you see the words form in my mouth and then you see the words or hear the words come out of my mouth, please, if you don’t see that I didn’t say it.”

The alleged full interview Der Spiegel uploaded is 43 minutes long and discusses a series of topics including the assassination of Donald Trump, where Morrissey is asked whether he would press a hypothetical button that would cause the death of the President. 

"In the interests of the human race I would, yes," he replies. "I think he's a terrible scourge."

A comment has been requested from Morrissey’s representatives.