​OPEN casting call for Mark Wahlberg movie this weekend

AN OPEN casting call for a new Mark Wahlberg movie will be held this weekend by Boston Casting.

3rd August 2018
/ By Andrew Wooding

Mark Wahlberg open casting call GETTY/JOHNPHILLIPS

The casting will take place between 10am and 4pm on Saturday August 4.

Speaking roles are in need of filling and extras are hoped to be hired by casting directors.

Boston Casting are looking for "real people" and "character men with tough faces".

These include "construction workers, blue collar workers, DPW workers, fishermen and tough guys."

Actors are requested to bring a photo with them.

For further details of the casting call – including the address to attend – view the job here.

The open casting call is for Mark Wahlberg movie Wonderland directed by Peter Berg (Patriots Day, Lone Survivor) and based on Robert B. Parker's book of the same name.

Wonderland – produced by Netflix – follows Spenser (played by Wahlberg) as he discovers the truth about a murder in Boston.

Robert B. Parker's has authored 48 New York Times bestselling books in the Spenser series.

There is also another open casting call – for a new Disney movie – taking place next weekend (Saturday August 11).

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