​Stephen Fry to step down as BAFTA Host

British comedy legend Stephen Fry has announced he will end his impressive stint as host of the BAFTA film awards.

6th January 2018
/ By Matthew Whitehouse

stephen fry BAFTA awards movie film GETTY

The 60-year-old joker has hosted the BAFTAs twelve times and said it was “only right to stand down and let others take the BAFTAs on to new heights and greater glories.”

He added: “What fun it will be to watch BAFTA without my heart hammering, mouth drying and knees trembling.”

BAFTA thanked Fry for making the awards “such memorable and joyous occasions.”

According to BAFTA, the replacement will be announced on Tuesday (January 9) along with the film nominees.

The softly spoken, big-brained Brit first hosted the BAFTAs in 2001, and has returned most years since, only taking a break between 2007-11.

Who might be a good replacement?

Simon Amstell – It would get weird, but it would probably be hilarious – the Never Mind the Buzzcocks host would bring an air of anarchy to proceedings.

Ricky Gervais – The Office creator proved he was more than capable of both getting an entire room to both love and hate him in equal measure at the Golden Globes, leaving no Hollywood royalty safe. Why not apply the same thinking to BAFTA?

Jonathan Ross – A solid, straightforward choice. Little fun and games but the proceedings would be in safe hands.

Adam Buxton – The comedian is a very fun host and we could imagine him doing little intermissions, reading out live tweets from people or playing weird music videos in between nominations.

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