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The Young Talent Showcase: Child performers can enter to win prizes

Following the success of the Mandy Monologue Competition 2019, we have launched a competition for Mandy Kids members. The Mandy Young Talent Showcase is FREE to enter and offers Child Performers of all levels, a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talent and WIN prizes, including an audition with the National Youth Theatre. Do you know any talented child performer? Encourage them to submit a short video showcasing their talent! The competition is open to all Mandy Kids members aged between 4 and 17 years old. You can also vote on your favourite performance to win the Actors Choice Award.


How to get the right Headshot

Before your résumé is read or your showreel is watched, a casting director, or agent will look at your headshots. It is the first step to deciding whether to investigate you further. So there is a lot of riding on the headshot. Yet, everyone has a different opinion on your photos. How do we pick and whom should you listen to? Find out here.

Advice for Actors: Audition Nerves

In this month's column, YAFTA's Director and TV & Film Psychologist, Charlotte Armitage shares some tips to help actors keep their stress under control during an audition and how to prevent it from impacting their ability to give a relaxed and genuine performance in the room. Read more here.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, London

An experimental theatre company is looking for a variety of actors and performers with a diverse mixture of skills, ages and backgrounds to perform in their production of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Alexandra Palace. Find out more here.

One Night of Tine, Europe Tour

Casting an extraordinary diva performer to play the iconic role of Tina Turner. The rehearsals will be in London and the play will tour Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Salary: £1,500 per week. Apply here.

Brainiac Live, London

A production company is looking for a male presenter to join their existing cast on the second-half of their West End run of the show. Must have presenting and performing experience. Salary: £690 per week. Apply here.

We Will Rock You, Malta

A theatre company is casting the role of Galileo Figaro in their forthcoming production of We Will Rock You in Malta. Must have comedic skills and be a solid dancer. Salary: €2,000 + expenses. Apply now.


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