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How to get publicity for your show – an essential guide

We know that a lot of our members are attending Edinburgh Fringe this month and looking for ways to promote their projects. Getting press for your show (whether film, theatre, music or dance) is one of the most important tasks, other than putting on a brilliant production obviously. But if you can't afford to hire a publicist to move things forward with their expertise, connections and experience, how do you go about getting publicity? Read our guide here.

Are Fringe Festivals really worth it?

You can see why many criticise Edinburgh. It’s like a casino. For every company or show that hits it big, there are countless others who fade into obscurity once the poster boards are taken down in September. So, can it possibly be worth it? Yes is the answer from David Byrne at the New Diorama Theatre and here’s why.

Get the most out of your Fringe Show

Are you attending Edinburgh Fringe this year? Read here our top tips for getting the most of your time at the festival. A fringe show is an investment of your time, money and talent so make your experience count. Read it all here.

Lest We Forget, London

Casting a male BAME actor with playing age of 20-30 years old for a play that takes place from pre-war Britain in 1914 to the race riots of 1919. Salary: £471 per week. Apply here.

A Life Twice Given, UK Tour

Casting a male actor with an American accent and playing age ranging between 30-55 years old for a play touring the UK in September/October. Salary: £500 per week. Apply here.

The Selfish Giant, Bristol

Casting a female Bristol-based performer who is at least 5’10” for a short Christmas run of a new production, The Selfish Giant. Salary: £90-£125 per day. Find out more.

Christmas Driving, London

Casting 2 presenters, male and female, for a short e-learning film aimed at Royal Mail office staff who cover delivery shifts during the busy Christmas period. Salary: £250 per day. Apply here.


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