A new 2019 programme of Puppetry workshops and LABs for actors new to puppetry or with experience.

Sparkle and Dark Theatre Company is launching a new 2019 programme of Puppetry workshops and LABs for performers and theatre makers. For both beginners and professional puppeteers!

We are known for our puppetry and we have been training actors to puppeteer for nearly 8 years. ‘Puppetry at it’s best’ The Guardian on Killing Roger. ‘A puppet masterclass’ The independent on The Girl With No Heart.

Visit http://www.sparkleanddark.com/workshop for more information and booking. Workshops will take place in Tottenham, London. Discounts available for local Tottenham residents.


*** Puppetry Principles for Beginners 2-day Intensive - 10am - 5pm 28th Feb & 1st March 2019 ***

This introductory intensive will have a strong focus on object manipulation and multi-person 'bunraku-style' table top puppetry. The aim is to give you a set of principles and techniques that, when practised and applied properly, will allow you to give believable life and movement to any inanimate object, from a baked bean can to a beautifully crafted puppet!

This workshop is great for both beginners as well as those who want to give detailed attention to developing their existing puppetry skills/technique.

*** Puppetry and Character 2-day Workshop - 10am - 5pm 7th & 8th March 2019 ***

A workshop to focus on in-depth character development work for puppetry, creating 3-dimensional characters who carry they own emotional and psychological integrity. We will explore and embody movement techniques to gain a deep understanding of character and synchronicity of multiple puppeteers.

This is a great workshop to follow on from the 'Puppetry Principles Intensive' or our introductory Puppetry for Performers workshops. It's also great for experienced puppeteers who want to explore character further.

*** Mechanics of Movement LAB - 12pm-8pm 10th March 2019 ***

An opportunity for puppeteers to work with us to investigate detailed plausible movement in bunraku-style puppetry. We see this as a puppet gymnasium to exercise and embolden our use of weight, momentum, energy and force, be it moving through yoga sequences, navigating through tricky obstacle courses or exploring extreme slow motion.

A fun yet intensive exploration of plausible movement for experienced puppeteers or for those have some kind of puppetry basis.

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