We help independent filmmakers execute the logistics of their film from pre production to post production. Our services include script development, budgeting, cast & crew, location scouting, rentals, insurance, and taking care of any shoot day needs.

What's up everyone!

Wanted to let y'all know about a service myself and Chase Johnson just started, especially helpful for newer filmmakers. Having come off our first film, there were a number of things on a production level we wished we had on our team to make our jobs easier and we would like to help other filmmakers overcome those obstacles more fluidly. Together we started The Scribble Room.

The Scribble Room is a production services company whose goal is to turn your film into a tangible product. As creatives, we understand how imperative it is for young directors and visionaries to have their space to create, especially during a process as hectic as a production, and as producers we want to make it logistically possible for you to have the space to realize the extent of your vision.

The range of our services cover pre-production, production, and certain elements of post-production, though the extent of our involvement will depend on your budget and your needs. We do not provide funding for projects, but by assisting with all the various logistics necessary to make your film a reality, including: script development, budgeting, cast & crew, location scouting, making sure you have all necessary equipment, insurance, and taking care of any shoot day needs, we will help you create your film in the most time and cost efficient manner.

We do create in house content as well, having planned and shot multiple music videos in addition to our own short film, so if necessary, we can also provide creative services for your team.

Rates are dependent on the services requested and your budget.

We currently only service short form content. If you are interested, we would love to schedule a consultation session with you to figure out what your needs are for your project, the areas in which you require our expertise, and what we can do to help execute your vision.

If you are interested you can either respond here, text me at 609-423-8689 or email us at

Thank you for reading and please share if you know someone who needs production help!

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