Develop authentic on-camera presence in this workshop with a film director who will boost your confidence. Gain fresh showreel material and take your screen acting to the next level!

Becky Sharpe is a film director offering Screen Acting workshops in March for newcomers and for experienced performers to develop their on-camera presence.

Classes run like mini workshops for specific scenes from films, including Becky's latest film script. The workshops involve script preparation, character breakdown, discussion, rehearsals and on-camera practice. You will be given filmed sequences to keep for your showreel.

The Foundation in Screen Acting Workshops start on Wednesday 6th March on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm – 5pm and are £35 per session. These workshops are ideal for newcomers to the screen to gain confidence on-camera. For those who can’t make Wednesdays, and for experienced screen actors wishing to deepen their screen presence, there are individual sessions or scene buddy sessions on other days so get in touch. Whatever your level, Becky’s workshops will build on your existing skills, boost your confidence and give you something fresh to add to your reel.

Sessions are informal and fun, covering different topics, including all the important aspects of camera acting. You will improve your audition technique and cold-reading skills, advance your self-tape ability, gain insight into your casting type and work on stage dynamics with fellow cast members, applying the teaching to specific scenes and character roles.

You will develop your skills in understanding and accepting direction in live filming scenarios as well as self-directing to prepare for the film set. Newcomers will progress from monologue work to dualogue scenes, and build awareness of camera-specific screen presence that can be very impactful (like eyeline work and blocking).

Whether you are a newcomer to acting, or an experienced professional actor, this is an opportunity to:

• Build your confidence in Screen Acting

• Gain fresh material for your showreel

• Learn how to Self-Tape better

• Improve your Audition Technique

• Work with a director who will energise you

• Get a new insight into your Casting Type

• Develop your technical abilities for camera

About the Course Leader

Becky Sharpe is a filmmaker and photographer working in film and tv. She is currently preparing a feature film that she is casting for summer 2019 and developing her drama slate, as well as working for tv companies.

About the Course

The Screen Acting workshops with Becky are on Wednesdays from 2pm - 5pm in Vauxhall, starting on 6th March 2019. Workshops cost £35 per workshop for a three hour session or the discounted rate of £120 for all four sessions.

Get your ticket on EventBrite here or contact Becky for individual coaching sessions on

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