INTENSIVE SELF-TAPE, SCREEN ACTING WORKSHOPS and DIRECTING CLASSES in central London. Small groups of 8-10 students max. and £35 per three hour workshop

Becky Sharpe is a film director offering a Self-Tape Intensive workshop, a Screen Acting Foundation with a focus on Awareness and a New Directors class.

In the Intensive Self-Tape Workshop the technical and creative concerns of Self-Taping will be covered. The workshop is on two saturday afternoons, starting this saturday and will be working with a small group of actors to develop your self-tape abilities.

The class is three hours long from 3pm to 6pm and includes:

• Shot size and framing

• How to get good audio

• Which microphone to get on a tight budget?

• Selecting backgrounds

• Cheap backdrop options

• Basic lighting

• how to work with a tripod, a mini-tripod or no tripod

• Eyeline work

• What Self-Tape equipment to buy on a budget

• Three point lighting

• Fast Scene Preparation & Line learning for last minute Self-Tapes

The Self-Tape workshop with Becky is £35 per three hour session

See more about the Self-Tape workshop here:

In the New Directors’ Class starting in April, there will be a small group of aspiring filmmakers developing their technical video skills as well as their storytelling ability, and finding their director's voice. The workshops are suitable for anyone keen to learn film directing or videography; whether you are a budding actor-director, or a film enthusiast who has always been interested in movies, a photographer looking to add video to your business, or just keen to explore your creativity, this fun-packed practical workshop will help you start your filmmaking journey.

The Video workshops for New Directors with Becky are £35 per workshop for a three hour session or £120 for four sessions.

See more about the Video Workshop for New Directors here: https://video-workshop-create-a-movie-london.event...

Becky also runs a Foundation in Screen Acting Workshop with a focus on Awareness which run on Wednesdays from 10.30am – 1.30pm. These are ideal for newcomers to the screen to gain confidence on-camera and improve audition ability. Becky’s Screen Acting workshops will build on your existing skills, boost your confidence and give you something fresh to add to your reel.

Whether you are a newcomer to acting, or an experienced professional actor, these workshops are an opportunity to:

• Build your confidence in front of the camera

• Become more self-aware

• Learn how to create Character

• Create fresh material for your showreel

• Improve your Audition Technique

• Work with a director who will energise you

• Develop your technical abilities for camera

See more about the Screen Acting Foundation with a focus on Awareness here:

About the Workshops

All workshops with Becky are £35 per workshop for a three hour session or £120 for four sessions. Get your ticket on EventBrite here  or contact Becky on

About the Course Leader

Becky Sharpe is a filmmaker and photographer working in film and tv. She is currently working on a feature film and developing her drama slate, as well as working commercially for tv companies.

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