We are doing a photoshoot on Wednesday, March 20th from 9am-1pm in the GTA to create stock photos to be used in our marketing material.

Some of the pictures we are looking to take:

1. Guy who was in and out of shelters: Under the bridge, has to be cold, tent, overgrown beard, thick jacket. Ethnicity: Person of Colour.

2. Picture: Person of colour in her early 20’s at university library or with books

3. Picture: African American lady with children carrying broken up suitcases and backpack and somewhere there is a sign that says Canada and US border

4. Picture: Pakistani/middle eastern looking elderly lady sitting by a grave.

5. Woman in an abusive relationship looking dishevelled and in a house with broken things all over

6. Woman walking on the street holding childs hand and with a suitcase in the other, just walking

We will provide the exact location and hope to get things done within a couple of hours at most. We will also provide refreshments.

Thank you!

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