I would like to build a portfolio of portraits of actors and actresses in London for my website/portfolio. The shoot and raw photos are free!

I am looking to build a portfolio of portraits and headshots for actors and actresses in London. I would like to do some free test shoots with a few individuals. In exchange, I would like the rights to publish the photos for my own work and use them for my portfolio. I have a small body of street portrait work which is an ongoing project for this year if you'd like some examples of my work:

The shoots would be natural light shoots on-location or at home, although with one or two individuals I would like to try working a friend's studio in North West London. If you'd like some new headshots or just fancy some nice photographs of yourself, please do get in touch via my e-mail. I'm looking for a mix of male and female individuals but please don't hesitate to get in contact!


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