This is an actors workshop designed for the purpose of advanced film acting, in Greenwich, London.There is no cost for participation, and likewise no pay/expenses.

Some of the best film directors developed their working approach within an acting group or theatre; Cassavettes, Bergman, Mike Leigh, Fassbinder, Coppola etc.

I’m a writer/director, who has also studied acting for both stage and screen (as well as being an internationally renowned photographer) .

Adapting mainly existing texts, both scripts and short stories, we will develop characters, through a combination of improvisation, and analysis of both motivation and subtext. The aim is not to create what will later become forgotten exercises (as happens at many acting classes), but to rehearse, and then shoot in a real location. The material will then be edited into a finished piece, resulting in engaging short films. From a showreel point of view, this can be more useful (and revealing of ones talent), than bit parts in larger films. Actors will have the opportunity to hone their craft without the time pressures of an actual production. The ultimate goal is to learn from one another and create interesting pieces of film, in a spirit of collaboration. The actors will be supplied with copies of all finished films.


Begins: Tuesday 28th May 10.45pm for 3 hours

Weekly (note: day/time of following workshops will remain flexible in relation to actors availability/existing schedules. Some sessions may be evenings/weekends)

Location: Greenwich, London


Actors required: males and females aged 25 - 50

Please send, a C/V with a photograph, and an indication of your normal availability (days & time of day), along with any other information you may think is relevant. It is important that the actors who apply, have considerable experience. This is not a workshop for beginners. Those actors who seem most eligible, will be contacted by email. This will be followed by a phone call to break the ice, when the actor will be given more insight into the chosen scripts/texts, prior to meeting for the first session here in Greenwich on the 14th May.


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