I'm looking for a camera operator, and editor for collaborating/assisting on a workshop with actors.

I'm looking for either 2 people or it could be one person with experience in both areas for working with 4 actors in a workshop context. It will take place in Greenwich, London from the 14 May through to July/Aug, and will be scheduled according to the availability of each member of the group, so that it does not clash with other important paid work. I anticipate sessions of several hours, once a week. We will primarily be working with existing texts (in real locations within 2 different apartments). I have a Nikon D810 and lighting, plus final cut pro and adobe premiere for editing. I can only pay £30 per session for each of the two jobs. Someone relatively local would be ideal, and I can provide parking if required.

I'm both a photographer and filmmaker, with a background mainly in music videos and TV commercials, but I'm hoping to start directing some of the shorts and features that I've written soon.

Date: Tuesday 14th May

Time: 10.45 am

Please contact me for further information.

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