Our next workshop is on Saturday 29 June, 3 - 6 pm at Theatre Deli, Broadgate. If you'd like some more information about the workshop and to book a place head to our website:

Commercial Acting London was set up to help actors learn and develop the fundamental tools to create successful commercial castings with the view to book more work and build a positive reputation with Casting Directors.

Actors are often told that it's just down to the 'look' when it comes to commercials. While this may factor into the process, we believe that actors have far more control over commercial castings than they often realize. Campaigns are seeking to cast many 'looks' with varying skill-sets and we're here to help you make sure that your technique is on point to give yourself the best chance of booking.

We've created a 3-hour practical workshop that gives you the information you need to confidently audition so that you don't leave the room nervously laughing while 'What just happened in there?' rotates around in your head and instead leave knowing that you did your best work.

The classes are small and we create a friendly, low-pressured environment in which you can focus on learning.

If you have any questions, please, get in touch with us at

What we cover in the workshop will arm you with the tools you need to market yourself to commercial Casting Directors and build your technique so that you can do your best work in this fast-paced and lucrative field. The workshop is a combination of dynamic discussion and practical exercises that walk you through the commercial casting process.

The workshop is £35 + a small booking fee

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