Experienced music professional seeking music supervision, sync and licensing opportunities. As a newly established freelancer, I am looking to work with filmmakers to select and licence the most effective and cost-efficient music for your project.

I am keen to work with filmmakers of all kinds by identifying, sourcing and securing music for film, TV, vlogs, documentaries, video games, and so on. With a bachelor's and masters degree in musicology, my specialism lies in classical and contemporary art music, however I have excellent eyes and ears for detail and an extensive knowledge of musical repertoire of many genres: from rock and pop to folk, electronic, and so on.

I also have strong contacts within a number of major music publishers, a good understanding of music publishing and licensing, and a broad knowledge of film music theory and history.

I can provide strong testimonials for my licensing projects to date and will offer very competitive rates. In the interests of building my portfolio I am also open to discussions with student filmmakers and those with minimal budgets.

For more information please message me on Mandy or email me at

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