We're looking to expand our pool of freelance animators, compositors and vfx designers. We're looking for both 3D modellers and animators and 2D motion graphics specialists and compositors.

We're a design company specialising in live visuals for theatre, opera, music, dance and fashion events. Our work is varied, and ideal people would have a good basis in a number of different workflows and software.

For 3D, we particularly need people proficient in backgrounds, environments, and motion graphics (character animation isn't really relevant to our work!). We tend to work in Maya, but anything is acceptable. A good basis in After Effects is also useful.

For 2D, our work tends to involve a lot of compositing, line art, motion graphics animation and particle work. Proficiency in After Effects, Photoshop and some traditional animation/illustration skills would be ideal.

Given our work is for live events, we value people who are flexible and can develop new workflows as required and can work as part of a team. We're open to recent graduates and more experienced animators.

Ideal people would be based in London and available on project-by-project basis for periods lasting one to four weeks at a time, sometimes working on site.

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