Personal coaching that focuses on 4 different aspects of your life as an actor - acting skills, professional career, health and personal growth.

As an actress, I have spent hours training, going to workshops with casting directors, doing CV surgeries, visiting some of the London's top acting and personal coaches, as well as going to auditions, participating in different types of productions and rehearsals. I have sat on the other side of that desk, watched actors perform, go through the stress and nerves of an audition, carry themselves with extreme confidence and doing marvellous things, but also fail the basic preparation required for the casting and frustrate the directors.

From my past experiences I found that I had to go to multiple places to find different type of advice regarding my acting career. There were plenty of places and people to talk to - CV Surgery at Spotlight, acting coach for working my acting skills, and another coach for professional and personal development. It's great that there are ways to address these things here in London, but what about having one place to go where you can have an assessment of each and every aspect of your acting career that is available to you anywhere in the world?

Whether you’re currently looking to switch your career to acting, have just walked out of drama school and are not sure where to go next, or you have been doing it for a while but don’t feel like you’ve reached your full potential and want to take your career to the next level - The Actors Corner is right for you.

I offer private coaching sessions where you and I will work on your life as an actor. That means - we’ll be looking at all aspects of your life - your acting skills, your career, your health and personal growth.

I want you to feel empowered - so you can walk into this tough business and not only hold your own as a strong actor / actress, but also be the best version of yourself, so you are a strong asset on any production or audition, and even outside of your work. I believe looking after these 4 aspects will lead you confidently into your future.

One session lasts 60 minutes and costs £40. If you would like to book, send me an email to

Best wishes to all,

Jagoda Puczko

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