Becky Sharpe is an acting coach & film director offering a Success workshop - Branding for Actors to work with a small group of 6-8 actors to develop their careers. Central London £35 per three hour session

Your first lesson is simple to say and often difficult to do. If you intend to accomplish your quest, then you must wake up, hold your intent to be a successful actor out front, and pay attention to everything because everything counts from this day forth. One wrong step can send you careening down a mountainside. The purpose of a quest is to focus your energies.

Your quest is going to be developed into an actionable plan in the "Branding For Actors: The Business of Success" workshop.

Becky Sharpe is a film director offering a Success workshop for Actors over four sessions in July - on every other Wednesday and then on a Saturday, to work with a small group of actors to develop their careers, their business plan and their mindset for success.

In the Business of Success Workshops you will learn how to Package Yourself, how to Give Casting Directors Confidence in You and how to start becoming a BFS - yes, I mean a Big Fat Star!

It takes total commitment. You have to want it. You have to invest in your future. You have to have a plan.

Check out these words of wisdom from a brilliant Casting Director:

"They come in, turn into a puddle of goo on the floor and burst into tears the minute they leave the audition room. And they can’t understand it. It makes no sense. “What happened to my confidence? My skill? I was top of my class! Hell, I was off-book!! What went wrong?”

So they sit outside and kick themselves because they “needed that part.” They work themselves into a frenzy of anxiety, fretting about lines and motivation and breathing. Then the clouds part and it’s a short leap to “oh my god what if I got the part? What then? What happens next? What if I’m in a scene with the star?! What if I mess up on set!! What was I thinking? I’m so out of my depth!!” At which point, they turn blue and pass out.

They forget why they are there, they lose the story, they make it about themselves and they can’t recover. They don’t have the practical tools, what to expect, how to get from A to B. Along comes the little man with the broom and into the bin they go. And thus starts their long, hard, self-imposed torture trying to be an actor... "

Deb Green, CDC, CSA Casting Director

DON'T LET THIS BE YOUR STORY! Sign up for this class with Becky and start developing your package and your business plan for success today.

Each workshop of three hours is £35 and groups are 6-8 students, so lots of individual coaching.

To find out more and book your place just visit:


Who is leading the workshop?

Becky Sharpe is a filmmaker and photographer, working in film and tv. She is currently preparing a feature film and developing her drama slate, as well as working for tv companies and giving workshops. You can find out more about her upcoming projects and past work At

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

See to find out more about the course leader, and you can email Becky(at) with any questions.

Where are the workshops taking place?

The workshops are taking place in rehearsal rooms in Vauxhall. The venue is approximately 5 minutes walk from Vauxhall train and underground stations.

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