Recent graduate looking for further experience

Ted Ryan is a Hertfordshire based screenwriter, director, script editor and playwright and recently graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with a First Class Degree in Scriptwriting. He has written and directed three short films independently through Broken Word Productions - an independent film and theatre production company he co-founded in 2013. His recent short film "Womanhood" which he wrote and directed, explores a family drama with three generations of women and stars Aurora Fearnley, Pat Garrett, Anastasia Drew and Jonathan Jude is currently in the film festival circuit. His other credits include his debut in theatre through the Director’s Cut Theatre Company in October 2017, script editing Broken Word’s theatre productions at Camden Fringe Festival in 2018 and 2019 and freelance editing screenplays for independent productions. In June 2018, Ted was a Screenplay Competition Reader Intern for the LA Shorts International Film Festival, where he read and reviewed multiple short scripts and worked to a strict deadline. He was also commissioned by the University of Bedfordshire to write an original screenplay for the TV Production students and worked alongside guest lecturer and BBC director Richard Platt throughout pre-production and production. Also as a screenwriter/director with a disability, this has never prevented him from working professionally and effectively on a production – Ted has always managed to work around his disability and has built strong working relationships through his writing.

His main experience includes writing for stage and short films, directing, script editing and casting directing.

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