Develop authentic on-camera presence in this Screen Acting workshop with a film director who will boost your confidence, whilst gaining fresh showreel material. Small group of approx. 8 students

Becky Sharpe is a film director offering Screen Acting Workshops in London to work with actors of various levels of experience who wish to develop their on-camera presence. There is a foundation course on Wednesdays for six weeks starting 25th March or a weekend intensive course in mid-April.

The classes run like mini workshops for specific scenes from films, including Becky's latest film script. You will develop your ability to BE IN THE MOMENT, practice for screen auditions, improve your skills in understanding and accepting direction in live filming scenarios, develop your scene analysis capabilities; all the while connecting with your fellow actors, being alive and spontaneous on-screen as we use specially crafted techniques and exercises to help your on-camera presence.

The Screen Acting Workshops are open to newcomers to Screen Acting as well as experienced actors. No matter your experience level, these workshops will build on your existing skills and give you new material to add to your reel. You will receive filmed scenes to use for your showreel, or to keep and share as you choose.

Class by class, you will develop your authenticity in performance, self-awareness, truthfulness, and moment by moment connection. Your ability to work on a deeper level will free you to connect and be in the moment with your fellow actor, to be alive and spontaneous whilst staying true to the story of the script.

Whether you are a newcomer to acting, or an experienced professional actor, this workshop is an opportunity to:

• Allow your authenticity to show on-screen

• Develop self-awareness in your acting

• Learn how to develop character for TV and Film

• Create fresh material for your showreel

• Improve your Audition Success rate

• Work with a director who will energise you

• Develop your technical abilities for camera

• Work with specially created Screen Techniques for truthful aliveness

Screen Acting Workshops with Becky are £40 per workshop for a three hour session and the Six Sessions MidWeek Course is discounted to £200 for all six sessions.

See more about the Midweek Screen Acting workshop here:

The Weekend Foundation Course in Screen Acting is four sessions across a weekend, and is £140 for the whole weekend.

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Some Recent Reviews:

"Becky Sharpe - you're an absolute JOY to work with. I feel like in such a short time of knowing you you've been stamping out my life-long bad behaviours (like putting myself down or being negative) and building my acting confidence and technique with each session. You're the "stage mom" I never had. So basically... thank you!!"

Yulia Kovnat – Actress

“I loved attending Becky Sharpe’s Screen Acting Workshop Over the weekend!! I had no idea what to expect but I loved every minute. Becky is awesome she is just what I need in a teacher and have been searching for for a long long time! She’s a great mentor/director and teacher - I learnt so much on every level and I love how she makes you feel empowered to be yourself on camera. Her technique is so refreshing and inspiring I can’t wait to train more with Becky!

I have been training over the past 8 years and trained mainly in Meisner but Becky uses a variety of techniques to get the best out of you as an actor. And what I love most is that she inspires you and helps you work out your individual technique which I think is the most important thing for an actor. It’s very empowering and I love also how she is brutally honest and prepares you for being on set and for auditions and gets you making your own decisions for yourself from the word go. It’s really empowering and enlightening and I couldn’t recommend Becky enough. Thank you so so much – I’m so happy I met you and I can’t wait to learn more"

Henny Hardy - Actress

"I had an absolutely fab time working with Becky during her course of screen acting workshops. Such a fab director who understands the actors’ needs - coming from a theatre background I found this incredibly helpful when working in front of the camera. I also had a breakthrough in the last session which felt wonderful! Thank you Becky for all of your help x"

Ciara Waterfield – Actress

“A lovely screen acting class with Becky. The regular acting training helps me remove the corporate mask I have worn in the past during my corporate career. In some professions, we suppress our emotions and thus wear a mask.

However, acting is not like any other profession, the beautiful art that we love. I have found that by training regularly in Becky’s sessions, it helps me become emotionally naked and vulnerable. One of the strong attributes of training with Becky is her style of teaching helps you relax, be in the moment and access your emotions. Looking forward to continuing the journey and seeing some further great work in class.”

Ravi Summan - Actor

“Going to Becky Sharpe’s workshop last weekend was incredible. I’ve missed acting so much, and I haven’t been doing acting for a long time as I was studying dance at university. I was very nervous getting back into it. Becky helped me restore the confidence and the push I needed. She has definitely made me realise that “YES, THIS IS WHAT I DEFINITELY WANT TO DO AND SUCCEED IN”.

Becky has this incredible aura where she is very straightforward and to the point of what you need to do and how to do it. Becky is also very insightful and I truly believe she knows what she is doing. A very talented person who truly cares about her students. Inspirational and worth going to her workshops, she is truly dedicating her time for her students and helping us in what we need in order to achieve our dreams. Thank you so much Becky, I really appreciate it. I do hope to see you soon, much love!”

Sahar Tariq – Actress

"Becky delivers great sessions that allow you to try new things and feel comfortable in doing so. You get lots of time in front of the camera and just as much time to watch yourself back and observe your work. Becky puts everyone at ease and you always leave having learnt something valuable to go away and think about and work on."

Daniel Woodger - Actor

"Becky is an excellent holistic teacher. Whilst the main focus of the course is screen acting she also encourages students to look after themselves and suggests materials to help them. Her group is supportive and I my confidence has grown as my course has progressed. I would recommend Becky's classes to anyone"

Claudette Burke - Actress

"I would definitely recommend this course if anyone is looking to make a massive improvement in their screen acting performance. Becky shows you how to be natural whilst having thoughts running through your head that will help serve the script without even needing to push it. Also you will get to keep the footage so what is there not to love."

Pawan Pav Sahni – Actor

See the Sharpe Films facebook page for more reviews from students of the Screen Acting Workshops!

On this Screen Acting Workshop you will develop and gain confidence, building on your skills with plenty of on-camera practice.

About the Workshops

All workshops with Becky are £40 per workshop for a three hour session. Get your ticket on EventBrite here or contact Becky if you would like one-on-one coaching at a time that suits your schedule on

About the Course Leader

Becky Sharpe is a filmmaker and photographer who is currently in post-production on a UK feature film, as well as coaching amazing Screen Actors and Screen Directors, and working commercially for UK Television companies.

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