Film Budgets, shooting schedules prepared for any size project, along with film financing business plans required by all film investors. Affordable rates...

For those of you seeking film financing, you should know every REAL investor's first requirement will be that you have a professionally done Film Financing Business Plan & Detailed Film Budget done by a film industry professional in the business and not some service that has no film production, distribution or financing experience. This request will often come prior to the investor asking for the script. I am a seasoned Producer/Line Producer and I have over 20 years experience in film production and distribution. I specialize ONLY in film financing business plans and production budgets/schedules at affordable, and often, very flexible rates. Turn around is remarkably quick and 3 months of free updates and free consultation are included.

All budgets and schedules are done on the industry standard Movie Magic and the business plans are created on MS Word so you can make any adjustments at any time. You get all master files and pdf copies. Financial projections are very specific to films, along with demographics, profit sharing, film budget, talent lists, feature film distribution, etc. I include all these elements and much, much more.

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