£25. A one-day masterclass for actors who want to work in corporate role play. Led by Syrus Lowe who has over 10 years experience in this field.


Have you approached a role-play company and been unsuccessful due to lack of experience? This one-day master class could be just the thing for you.

"The word Masterclass is often used but doesn't always live up to its title. However, in the case of Syrus's masterclass, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Sharing his wealth of experience in the corporate role play world Syrus takes you through the various types of role-play giving you hands-on experience with it" Steve Fortune

"If you're lucky enough to get a space on Syrus' course you will, without doubt, have the tools, knowledge, confidence & contacts to thrust you into what is a very lucrative & exciting industry" Milanka Brooks

In the morning you will receive:

An introduction to the world of corporate role play

An outline of how to manage life as a corporate role-play actor

How to approach the role play companies & what to send them

An in-depth understanding of the different types of corporate role play

An understanding of the skills needed to be a corporate role-play actor

An understanding of the skills needed to be able to give feedback as a corporate role-play actor

In the afternoon:

Each participant will have the opportunity to practice a bespoke corporate role play with a role-play actor

Each participant will have the opportunity to practice giving feedback to the role-play actor using the feedback model taught in the morning session

Each participant will receive feedback from Syrus on their role-play & feedback skills

At the end of the day:

A chance to ask Syrus & the role-play actor any questions you have about the world of role-playing; how to do it, how to get the work, how to be re-employed etc

You will leave with a list of all the role play companies in the UK, including those that Syrus works for. Furthermore, having completed this workshop, the role play companies that Syrus works for will take greater care to consider your applications. This is due to the experience, knowledge and skill you will have as a result of attending the Corporate Role Play Master For Actors, compared to those who have no experience or skill whatsoever

To book go to https://www.roleplaymasterclass.com/shop

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