Dufraine Media

Dufraine Media Dufraine Media are a professional feature writing agency, working with the top UK magazines and newspaper titles such as Take a Break and the Daily Express.

We place true life stories from real people with these magazines, getting you the best deal for your experiences.

Right now we are particularly looking for anything which has a Christmas angle!

There are many reasons why someone may sell their story. Maybe they want to raise awareness of a rare condition or charity. Maybe they want to share their successes and achievements with the world. Some people may want to get revenge, or name and shame a person or company that has wronged them. Other might just want to be seen in their favourite mag and enjoy fifteen minutes of fame. Many just like the idea of earning up to £1000 just for speaking to someone on the phone!

We deal with all kinds of subjects – anything from weight loss to love rats to overcoming the odds.

So if you think you have a story, are willing to be identified and can provide relevant supporting photos, get in touch today!