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Dear Diary


Mr Dormer only lives with his 13 year old daughter, Amelia. So when he is found dead on a December morning, the question...

My Friend The Devil


Missing a father figure in his life, a thirteen year old boy follows a mysterious online tutorial to summon the perfect...

Skegness, UK

This project is for a large bus company's summer commercial. Their aim is to capture a family having fun at Skegness sea...

Power of Voice Video Campaign - Cas...

Bristol / Bath / South West England
Bristol / Bath / South West England

A Story for a video-driven marketing campaign championing the power of the human voice as the core of communication - an...

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Lily-Mae was cast in a commercial for a popular TV shopping channel. The team were great to work with as were the other children. Mandy Kids provide a range of opportunities for all on a daily basis. There's something for everyone! — Lily-Mae Wylde, Child Actor
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Kaya had the opportunity to work with an established director and very friendly and professional crew when she was cast in a launch film for a new computer called Kano Kids Computers. I’m glad we discovered Mandy Kids or else Kaya wouldn’t have had these amazing experiences. — Kaya Bayley-Hay, Child Actor
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Bertie has been cast for some incredible jobs via Mandy. It's a safe and reliable platform for talented individuals and has helped increase his experience and credits. The jobs board is plentiful, offering a wide range of work, covering a variety of genres. — Bertie George Venn, Child Actor
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Since joining Mandy, I have had many opportunities working on short films, music videos and online commercials both from direct applications and through directors and producers contacting me. I have really enjoyed all productions that I have worked on and would like to thank The Mandy Network for the opportunities so far. — T’Jean Uter-Dinh, Child Actor
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Thank you so much Mandy Kids, Nathan has secured his first major role from this site, having been cast by retail giant Halfords for a commercial for a new product. — Nathan M Watkins, Child Actor
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Last week I shot a short film and was also confirmed to shoot a second film next week, both cast via Mandy Kids. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Mandy Kids for giving me such an excellent platform to get noticed and gain in experience. — Jonah Paull, Child Actor

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