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We are about to open Penguin Studios, the best new audiobook studio in London. In order to do that we're looking for an...


Junior Guildhall Clarinet Teacher (Music Course) sought. Previous experience is essential.


Marketing Manager sought. Previous experience is essential.


Income Tracking Manager sought. Previous experience is essential.

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I have made a lot of great connections through Mandy Music, and couldn't recommend it highly enough! The site/service is extremely easy to use and is an invaluable resource for the music industry. — Conor O’Brien, Music Professional
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This is an amazing site, especially for those who are recent graduates and don't know how to get into the music industry. — Jonathan Morris, Music Professional
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A fantastic facility and really useful and easy to use. In the never ending Journey of your career this is one site that truly helps get you out there!!! — Robin Payne, Music Professional
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A very useful site, both for finding new jobs and hosting a clean, professional profile of credits. Mandy Music makes all the difference in forging a career in a difficult industry! — Matt Pallant, Music Professional
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Thank you so much for your help. Following a last minute drop out of our booked auditions accompanist, we were able to find a suitable replacement within just 3 hours! — Imagine Theatre, Venue
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Great customer service. — Luke Harman, Music Professional

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