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SP-3437 - Procurement Commercial

Remote - Home Studio
Remote - Home Studio

We require a female voice, 30+ years old, neutral accent, approachable tone of voice.


5 voiceover artists required for a radio advert.


Looking for a selection of voices to submit for a project regarding apprenticeships.


We are producing a short promotional advert for a Swiss Insurance company to be shown on Facebook.

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Been a member for four years and had some really good work. An incredible amount of people have listened to my reel which is fantastic advertising basically included in the membership. — Katie Reddin-Clancy, Voice Over Artist
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I recently just booked my first VO job from Mandy. Through this job, I was then able to pay for my yearly subscription to the site, so it's literally paid for itself! I love that I get to work for myself and boost my skills in this field without needing an agent. Would highly recommend and subscribing annually was a no brainer! — Dani Moseley, Voice Over Artist
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I got several jobs through Mandy Voices over the years. The latest is dubbing into French a 34 episodes TV series where I am voicing 3 main characters and a multitude of supporting actors. Mandy Voices was definitely the ultimate tool for the producers to find me! — Corinne Mitchell, Voice Over Artist
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I voiced a sponsorship ident for ITV. Lovely little job that took 15 minutes in my home studio and paid for six years’ subscription to Mandy Voices. They are out there, just keep applying. — Dave Austin, Voice Over Artist
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Mandy Voices has got to be the best Voice over site in the country. It is most certainly true for me! Thank you folks. — Stuart Packer, Voice Over Artist
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Love the service, especially the support. You are all wonderfully patient and nothing seems too much trouble from expert advice to help with navigating the site. Thank you Mandy Voices, from possibly your number one fan! — Jane Boyd, Voice Over Artist
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