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    Whether you need a headshot for casting purposes, for your business website or you just want a great shot of yourself, you know a good headshot when you see one. You can't always put your finger on it but you will just want to keep looking at it. Of course, it should be technically correct e.g. good lighting and composition etc. - that's a given. But a powerful headshot, that will book you jobs, will connect with the viewer on an unconscious level. The viewer should 'feel' that a moment has been captured. They should connect with the emotion. You will look confident, relaxed and ooze charisma. Most importantly it will look like you. On a very good day! (To read more about this see the FAQ's page on my website).

    The Session

    Most people (even if they are supremely gorgeous) are very nervous in front of a stills camera. Pretty much everyone arrives saying the same thing, “I am sooo nervous/I am not photogenic/the last photographer said I have a wonky nose…” (Nice!) Etc.

    We will work past bad previous experiences, do relaxation exercises, play music and generally have a good time. I used to be an actor and remember what a bad headshot session was like - sitting on a chair in one position, with no direction and being told to “relax!”.

    So, I don’t do that. No one sits (unless you want to of course!). I direct a LOT. And I relax you. It won’t happen on its own. When you are relaxed and confident you will be at your most attractive and I will capture that. And yes, I can assist with make up if you need a bit of help! I am also a stickler for hair and will make sure it looks great in every shot before I take it. As I also shoot fashion and beauty, I am used to making people look their absolute best and I will do that with you. Sessions are great fun and I’m very good with “nervous patients” and "headshot phobics!" shall we say. I promise you WILL relax, you WILL be confident and you will LOVE your images!

    Package Prices:

    "More than a Headshot Session”
    Half day Creative Shoot - 4 hrs.
    Includes 5 jpeg images
    Planning session/mood boards
    £690 ( under 16s £610 )

    "Standard Session”
    2 hour
    Includes 3 jpeg images
    £400 ( under 16s £350 )

    "Short Session"
    1 hour
    Includes 2 jpeg images
    £280 ( under 16s £230 )

    Further images available from £32
    ( Please Note: Saturday sessions are charged at a higher rate - see website )

    All sessions include...?

    • Brixton Studio location (couple mins walk from tube)
    • Information pack with full info and advice for the session
    • Combination of studio flash/natural light/various backgrounds
    • In depth consultation/analysis of your casting type/agent requirements if applicable etc.
    • Contrasting looks covered from e.g. light commercial to a deeper "intensity"
    • Advice/assistance with styling/hair/make-up etc.
    • Unlimited outfit changes
    • Up to 300-500 images taken
    • Images reviewed as we go along
    • Private gallery of the session (already quality edited for you)
    • Sample gallery of some of my "faves” fully retouched for inspiration!
    • Industry standard editing/retouching
    • Final digital images provided in screen and print resolutions and cropped to industry
    standard, print friendly 10x8 size. You will receive the images in colour and black and white, with portrait versions of any landscape formats so you have lots of options depending if you are using the images for website/Spotlight/social media etc

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  • Lauren O'Sullivan
    Lauren O'Sullivan
    I had a great session with Alexa, highly recommend.
  • Owen Flanagan
    Owen Flanagan
    AP Wilding is simply the very best in the business for actor's headshots and portraits.
  • Sam Bull
    Sam Bull
    Absolutely amazing, recommended by most agents and spotlight.
  • Nicola Jillings
    Nicola Jillings
    Alexa Wilding is simply an incredible person to work with! Professional, talented and has the ability to put her clients at ease.
  • Evie Gibson
    Evie Gibson
    Fabulous and attentive we will be back for updated the headshots!
  • Gabriella FitzGerald
    Gabriella FitzGerald
    A really amazing shoot with such a lovely photographer! You aren’t just getting headshots when you book with Alexa, she takes time to get to know you and what you want out of the shoot, guiding you through the process and helping at every stage, making the whole process feel so effortless. The photos were all incredible and I had such a tough time choosing. Really cannot recommend her highly enough!
  • Elizabeth Mannering
    Elizabeth Mannering
    Alexa is an incredible photographer, you instantly relax and my goodness she knows what she's talking about! Every headshot I've ever seen taken by her is amazing! I have had two lots of headshots taken by Alexa and I would happily book more just to hang out with her! I recommend her to every actor I meet, she's brilliant!
  • Miranda Beinart-Smith
    Miranda Beinart-Smith
    Wonderful headshot photographer - the session was really fun and relaxed, and Alexa's background as an actor means that she knows just what is needed in a good portfolio of images
  • Dominic Price
    Dominic Price
    Alexa is amazing! The way she works isn't 'lets make you look amazing', thought she does. She focuses on 'What will this get you cast in.' Lots of variety and a lovely shoot!
  • Eleanor Ham
    Eleanor Ham
    How on earth do you choose from 146 perfect images?! Alexa is such an amazing headshot photographer! Wow what a challenge! Thanks so much for so many amazing shots, it really has been so hard to choose.
  • Eleanor Ham
    Eleanor Ham
    How on earth do you choose from 146 perfect images?! Alexa is such an amazing headshot photographer! Wow what a challenge!! Thanks for so many amazing shots, it really has been so hard to choose.
  • David Omordia
    David Omordia
    Besides AP being tremendously talented she offered me far more than her skill. Working with Alexa today was a truly amazing experience, she took a deeper interest in who I was as an individual, providing an instant connection between her and myself bringing about chemistry and fun. Alexa took my vision into in-depth consideration, providing excellent service through her meticulous way of working she was able to express my wants and ideas into a real life moment. Fantastic work by The Amazing A P Wilding.
  • Jessica Newton
    Jessica Newton
    I LOVE them!! More I look the more I love them! :-)
  • Jessica Newton
    Jessica Newton
    I LOVE them!! More I look the more I love them! :-) xx
  • Poppy Abbott
    Poppy Abbott
    Alexa made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable as soon as I entered her studio. She is very warm and friendly and offered some excellent advice. She encouraged me to choose music suitable to the mood of every look we were shooting, which was very helpful and a great way to get into the feel of things. It was a overall a fantastic experience and I can't wait to see the photos.
  • Adrian Margiotta
    Adrian Margiotta
    I’ve just had the best headshot session of my acting career so far. I’m new to the business of acting and within 5 minutes of meeting Alexa I felt reassured and more confident about the way forward. In my case, all headshots were tailored to getting agent representation and eventually work. I’ve never felt so relaxed in front of the camera which is reflected in the shots. Alexa’s process of picking out tops, music genres and relaxation techniques for each type of shots obtained incredible results and although I’ve had a quick preview I can’t wait to see the final product. Thanks again Alexa for an amazing experience and top photos!
  • Erin Hyland
    Erin Hyland
    Alexa never fails to impress with her shots, great session and beautiful photos as always!
  • Tia Alesha Nayer
    Tia Alesha Nayer
    Alexa is just fab! She has a warm, engaging & vibrant personality and makes children and parents feel really special both in person & on the phone and via email. Alexa is fun for the children to work with and instantly relaxes them and captures so many versatile looks, her photography is on another level with amazing headshots and her proactive approach to uploading the photos onto social media platforms is a huge added bonus!
  • Henry Deighton
    Henry Deighton
    Great photographer, really approachable and knows how to get the best out of her clients. Comes highly recommended
  • Paula Edda Klein
    Paula Edda Klein
    Best shoot I have ever had! Alexa creates an amazing atmosphere and does everything she can to make your headshots be the very best they can be!
  • Lois Poole
    Lois Poole
    Alexa at A P Wilding Photography was fantastic from the moment we booked. Would recommend 100%.
  • Monica Lubranou
    Monica Lubranou
    Amazing experience. Definitely 5*
  • Darcey Brown
    Darcey Brown
    Fabulous photographer. Highly recommend
  • Matt Long
    Matt Long
    Excellent photographer, really makes an actor feel at ease.
  • Eszter Patakfalvi
    Eszter Patakfalvi
    I had the best experience on my ‘more than a headshot’ session! Alexa is one of the most professional and lovely persons I’ve ever met and she works wonders! I had the time of my life and my pictures are just wonderful! Too bad I don’t need new headshots every week... :D They all looked so perfect, it was really hard to choose, I want them all...
  • Daniel Peace
    Daniel Peace
    Alexa makes you feel right at home from the moment you enter the studio which creates a relaxed atmosphere in order to get some fantastic shots that would be hard to get elsewhere.
  • Robert Hackney
    Robert Hackney
    Favourite headshot photographer
  • Emily Bennett
    Emily Bennett
    Amazing photographer, really captured Emily perfectly.
  • Connie Jenkins-Greig
    Connie Jenkins-Greig
    Alexa was warm, lovely and professional. She worked with me to get the best looks and shots that I needed. She has a brilliant eye for what works as well as being a fabulous photographer.
  • Tatiana Ibba
    Tatiana Ibba
    The best headshot photographer I have been to! Would recommend Alexa to everyone. It was more like meeting a friend then a photo shoot! would recommend AP Wilding to everyone!! xxx
  • Dagny Rollins
    Dagny Rollins
    Brilliant photographer!
  • Abigail Daly
    Abigail Daly
    Thank you so much, Alexa. Love my new headshots! It was great fun to shoot with you x
  • Madeleine (Maddy) Daly
    Madeleine (Maddy) Daly
    Thank you so much, Alexa. Love my new headshots x
  • Madeleine (Maddy) Daly
    Madeleine (Maddy) Daly
    Amazing headshots and a great fun shoot. Thanks so much, Alexa! x
  • Madeleine (Maddy) Daly
    Madeleine (Maddy) Daly
    Absolutely loved shooting with Alexa. Great fun and amazing results! Thank you so much x
  • Reuben Bb
    Reuben Bb
    Our second visit here, we love the relaxed atmosphere, tea and even biscuits! Alexa always takes time to ask what we want as well as making her very valid suggestions which equals great photos!
  • Eleanor von Gerard
    Eleanor von Gerard
    Amazing experience, fantastic atmosphere in the studio. Alexa is just brilliant, my daughter had so much fun and her headshots are simply stunning. Alexa guides you through so well from the choice of clothes, to the hair and the emotions to create such unique looks. I highly recommend her.
  • Niamh Wygers
    Niamh Wygers
    My daughter (Niamh) had her first photo shoot with Alexa yesterday. From the moment I made an enquiry with Alexa, she was incredibly helpful and provided all the information needed to allow me to make a decision. She did her research on Niamh and so from the moment we walked into her studio we felt we already knew her, and vice versa. The shoot was really fun, super organised but relaxed at the same time. Alexa has thought of every little detail that made it all so easy and hence fun (for both of us). Alexa sent the ‘fun shots’ the same day. I showed a friend and she thought these were amazing already - can’t wait to see the proper ones in a few weeks. We will definitely go back to Alexa, when updated headshots are required. Thanks Alexa.
  • Moya Allen
    Moya Allen
    Absolutely the best headshot photographer I’ve been to by far. Alex is very creative and makes you immediately feel at home and relaxed . She listened to what I wanted to achieve and discussed things in fine detail and gave great advice . I had so much fun and the headshots are by far the best I’ve ever had . I never thought I’d say that about a headshot session ever! Worth every penny . Completed trusted everything Alex advised throughout . Alex will be my go to headshot photographer every time.
  • Kerry Owen
    Kerry Owen
    She has a great eye for detail - hair, lip colour etc - all the things could go wrong DON'T go wrong! She really cares about the end result - that you will have shots you are happy with, and which work for you.
  • Poppie  Boyes
    Poppie Boyes
    Fantastic, highly recommend.
  • Ella Tronson
    Ella Tronson
    What amazing photos!!! ...Working with A.P Wilding was an amazing experience. She is full of energy, fun to work with and has a great talent not just behind the camera but in front when getting you into the right mood for the shoot.
  • Helen Chan
    Helen Chan
    Really amazing, talented photographer. She directs you and really captures the essence you are trying to obtain. Really keeps you at ease, full of knowledge and just overall a delightful experience. Really worth it and highly recommend.
  • Emily Highams
    Emily Highams
    Omg Alexa. They are incredible! They make me go all goose bumpy… My daughter had the best experience today with Alexa. She is a true professional and the whole session was so enjoyable for her. Thoroughly recommended as the pictures are incredible!
  • Nada Babikir
    Nada Babikir
    So grateful to Alexa for the great job she did on my head shots. She made me feel so comfortable the whole time and the photos turned out wonderful! Can't thank her enough!
  • Phoebe Stapleton
    Phoebe Stapleton
    The shots Alexa produces are both artistic and cleverly constructed to fit a range of different castings. Her in depth experience shines throughout the shoot as she knows exactly how to get the best outcome. I would recommend her to anyone. Alexa is an artist and also a wonderful person.- Thank you and see you again! Phoebe Stapleton, Actor
  • Eleanor Cain
    Eleanor Cain
    Amazing headshots taken by the wonderful Alexa. She made Eleanor feel so relaxed and got the best out of her. Alexa helps with everything from costume choice, to hair styling and getting the right images for the industry today. We cannot recommend her highly enough.
  • Malou Coindreau
    Malou Coindreau
    I couldn't recommend Alex enough!
  • Malou Coindreau
    Malou Coindreau
    Alexa is amazing for head shots, she gets the brief and nail it!
  • Roisin Moore
    Roisin Moore
    Headshots are nerve-wracking for any actor, however Alexa knows how to get the most from an actor for the duration of a shoot and made the whole experience fun, creative and enjoyable. Highly recommended!
  • Jamie O'Rourke
    Jamie O'Rourke
    Great experience, really chilled out and works on various looks for different roles rather than just taking portrait shots
  • Martha Niklas
    Martha Niklas
    I love them!Thanks again for the photos and the entire experience with you, I am so excited to share them. ... it was an incredible session and I'm positive I will get more from these headshots alone! You were out of this world amazing thank you again! Martha Niklas, Actor
  • Araba Jane
    Araba Jane
    I had such a wonderful session with you. You made me feel at ease and gave me great advice. You are amazing!!! I loved all the pictures that you took. I can't wait to use your images. I really feel that they are a game changer and will get me seen a whole lot more . You captured many great shots of me that I never thought I could ever produce. I'm super excited that I can now use them. I would highly recommend you to everyone. Thank you Alexa! Araba Jane, Actor
  • Olivia Clark
    Olivia Clark
    Very impressed with the way Alexa works, the best experience of headshots we have had. Her knowledge of the industry helps so much with directing to get the best variety of shots. Will definitely use again
  • Ahmad Sakhi
    Ahmad Sakhi
    God I hate how good you made the photos – now I have no idea what to pick why would you do this haha... ...Amazing loved every moment of it from walking in to the room you just get warm welcome feeling and she works with you and what's best for you rather than some photographers that doesn't care what looks and casting you want to go for
  • Ahmad Sakhi
    Ahmad Sakhi
    amazing working with her so nice and easy
  • Kumbi Mushambi
    Kumbi Mushambi
    Thank you for the photos. It was honestly such a fun shoot and a pleasure meeting you. See you when I need a refresh!
  • Eliza Riley
    Eliza Riley
    I had the most fun, relaxing photo shoot, I highly recommend Alexa
  • Sophia Aparecido-innes
    Sophia Aparecido-innes
    Great headshots done by Alexa, she really takes time to get the shots right, and you have plenty of plates to choose from the gallery once she has put them together to choose your favourite l.
  • Matt Long
    Matt Long
    Amazing experience with a talented lady. So like many actors you find yourself wondering if you could pay for cheaper headshots or is the service worth it. Let me say that Alexa is well worth the money. I’ve worked with many photographers but Alexa clearly made the effort to tailor the shoot to my needs. Alexa knows what casting directors look for, We talked about the shoot and the outcomes before starting. I was so relaxed by the time we got into the shoot that it was fun and easy. The shots look amazing, she managed to get such a wide range of looks from me which was impressive..100% recommended
  • Oliver Powell
    Oliver Powell
    What a great experience! This was Olly's first experience of headshots and Alexa was amazing. So friendly, professional, inspires confidence, and we had fun! Many thanks.
  • Rayo Patel
    Rayo Patel
    Thanks Alexa they look wicked! The agent is very happy with them (as am I), they look sick I can't wait to send them out! Rayo Patel, Actor
  • Kaylan Teague
    Kaylan Teague
    Just Brilliant! Truly capture Kaylan's personalities and characters.
  • Lucien Morgan
    Lucien Morgan
    Highly recommended
  • Rebecca Mitchell
    Rebecca Mitchell
    Such a great shoot, Alexa makes you feel relaxed and therefore able to get the shots required for your casting type. I’m really pleased with them, thank you again for such a great session, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • Lydia Kay
    Lydia Kay
    Amazing headshot photographer!
  • Laura Rinati
    Laura Rinati
    She is the best. And I don't mean it lightly. For quality, professional and eye-catching headshots, Alexa is the best.
  • Nicola Lean
    Nicola Lean
    Wowzers these shots are fantastic, thank you so much! Soooo pumped for my new headshots by the absolutely lovely and rather amazeballs AP Wilding! Totally ready for the opportunities these bad boys will bring I definitely recommend AP Wilding she’s just fabulous! Xx
  • Rahima Delvero
    Rahima Delvero
    I absolutely adore my headshots, was a great pleasure working Alexa, so positive, knowledgeable and knows what the business is about, I highly recommend her!
  • Magda Vero
    Magda Vero
    Alexa is an amazing photographer! Very professional and talented. She made me feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera. She is wonderful with hair and clothes styling too.I loved my headshot session and I will highly recommend her to everyone:) Perfect choice!
  • Isabelle Methven
    Isabelle Methven
    WE ADORE THESE PICTURES ! They are just so good – it’s really hard to choose. Thanks so much for these – we are extremely pleased with the pictures and the shoot. You’ve made a huge difference to Issie’s marketability and we loved working with you.
  • Isabelle Methven
    Isabelle Methven
    WE ADORE THESE PICTURES ! They are just so good – it’s really hard to choose. Thanks so much for these – we are extremely pleased with the pictures and the shoot. You've made a huge difference to Issie’s marketability and we loved working with you.
  • Anastasia Buckley
    Anastasia Buckley
    Anastasia had great fun at her first professional shoot. Alexa was very warm and friendly and took some amazing photos
  • Chantelle Rance
    Chantelle Rance
    Alexa is lovely & makes you feel so relaxed during the shoot. I LOVE the images I received, specifically tailored to my casting type too. Can’t recommend her enough!
  • Courtney Fairclough
    Courtney Fairclough
    Alexa is lovely. She took the time to establish what I wanted to achieve and even helped with hair & makeup! Relaxed atmosphere, mix of natural and studio lighting, range of backdrops and multiple outfit/style changes for different looks. It was a tough decision as they're all fab. I couldn't choose just three! Faves gallery was a huge help and those ones were very popular.
  • Suraiya Matandara-Clarke
    Suraiya Matandara-Clarke
    Thank you so much for the lovely photos. Mlela Matandara-Clarke parent to young performer, Suraiya
  • Amy Hendrick
    Amy Hendrick
    Alexa is Ace! My two daughters had their head-shot session with Alexa and she was wonderful with them. Made them so relaxed and at ease, the resulting shots were outstanding!! Highly recommend Alexa!!
  • Angel Eaglestone
    Angel Eaglestone
    Bad ass pics of Angel Eaglestone credit to AP Wilding she comes with my highest recommendation for headshot photographer in this industry! BOOM!!! she gets a casting, first day with new headshots :)
  • Els Bradfield
    Els Bradfield
    Alexa is a magician with a camera! My two girls were immediately at ease. I was shown photos as she went (I literally gasped, they are SO good!) Not only that, she is a lovely lady, very welcoming and nothing is too much trouble. She’s also great at different hairstyles for different looks. Thank you Alexa.
  • Darren Travers
    Darren Travers
    It was an absolute pleasure to work with Alexa for my new Headshots. She was so welcoming, helpful, prepared and completely focused on helping me get great photos. She really took her time to make me feel relaxed and her attention to detail in trying to achieve the desired look for the shots was superb. I completely recommend her. She was fantastic and the photos I received back were brilliant and I love them. I told my agent how happy I was and she's delighted with them also. Darren Travers, Actor
  • Sarah J Lewis
    Sarah J Lewis
    Alexa is a wonderful photographer. I found her to be incredibly efficient, knowledgeable and focused during the shoot. She makes sure you feel your best in front of the camera and keeps you fully informed before, during and after the photos are taken. Loved working with her!
  • Emily Jackman
    Emily Jackman
    My Headshot session with Alexa was brilliant! Her knowledge, generosity and passion for her craft helped me to get the headshots I needed. Can't thank her enough
  • Holly Maria Dixon
    Holly Maria Dixon
    A P Wilding is a fantastic photographer, she was a pleasure to work with. The headshot session was fun, relaxed and I am over the moon with the images produced.
  • Edmund Fargher
    Edmund Fargher
    An absolute pleasure to work with Alexa Wilding and the photos are fantastic. Excellent to work with a photographer that looks for your personality in a picture!
  • Charlie pawlett
    Charlie pawlett
    Alexa is great, she makes you feel at ease and produces great results.
  • Joseph Greenlaw
    Joseph Greenlaw
    Amazing photographer. Each pic tells a story.
  • Annabel Betts
    Annabel Betts
    Truly the most enjoyable headshot session I have had. The shots are spot on, I love them and can't wait to start using them. Annabel Betts, Actor
  • Nila Patel
    Nila Patel
    The photographer was professional and made sure I had a good selection of photographs to choose from.
  • Nila Patel
    Nila Patel
    Yes, this photographer was professional and took a good selection of headshot photographs of me.
  • Liam Wyatt
    Liam Wyatt
    I had a great time and got a lot from the session… Thanks for sending the images over, they look fantastic. Many thanks once again, I'm delighted with the shots!” Liam Wyatt, Actor
  • Clarissa Blake
    Clarissa Blake
    Amazing Photographer
  • Clarissa Blake
    Clarissa Blake
    Amazing photographer!
  • Moah Madsen
    Moah Madsen
    A P Wilding is an absolute fantastic photographer, would warmly recommend to anyone looking for new pictures to be taken. Cannot believe how incredible they ended up. Professional and nice with a keen eye for your individual look.
  • Nathan Coles
    Nathan Coles
    A P Wilding is really wonderful woman who knows exactly whats needed for the industry. Really friendly atmosphere and a fully enjoyable session!
  • Ndongo Faye
    Ndongo Faye
    Just want to thank you for your remarkable work, i am really happy about the picture as always, once again i’m seduced. Looking forward to working with you again. Thanks!! Ndongo Faye, Actor
  • Ross Marshall
    Ross Marshall
    I love the images,thank you so much for all your help Alexa, you're very talented
  • Ross Marshall
    Ross Marshall
    I love the images, thank you so much for all your help Alexa, you're very talented
  • Cherie Duah
    Cherie Duah
    Alexa was really fun to work with. I started off quite nervous but towards the end of the shoot I was really relaxed, having a great a time and we got lots of awesome "usable" shots. She really knows how to get the best out of young performers and you get to view the shots as you go along, which is always nice. I particularly liked how we spent some minutes before the shoot, just discussing my casting type(s), what sort of roles and projects I'd like to be in and what kind of headshot looks to go for. I'd definitely shoot with her again when I need new headshots and I'd recommend her to all actors looking to get new headshots! Her headshots keep actors working and you can see this via her social media pages, where she shares what projects her clients are in/have booked!
  • Mia Quiney
    Mia Quiney
    A P Wilding is simply amazing!! My daughter Mia loved the photo shoot she had with her and we got some fantastic pics. Alexa made her feel so comfortable, which meant Mia had a brilliant time, she came out saying that she wished she could of stayed all day! I will be sure to recommend her to all my friends and we’ll definitely be going back. Nicky Quiney, parent to young performer Mia Quiney
  • Melissa Harrower
    Melissa Harrower
    Alexa Wilding is a reputable photographer. She has great experience in photography and was an actor herself. She is great at making clients feels relaxed. The photoshoot was very enjoyable and the photos were fantastic
  • Leila Nashef
    Leila Nashef
    Thanks so much for a lovely session and beautiful pictures! It was really tricky to narrow them down!…The images are beautiful, I’m very very happy with them. Leila Nashef, Actor
  • Carey Thring
    Carey Thring
    Alexa is an excellent Headshot Photographer. Experienced, efficient, personable and and all round pleasure to work with. Well worth the money.
  • Anne Marzan
    Anne Marzan
    "I am so delighted to see my photos. They are amazing and clearly speak my casting type. Thank you very much, Alexa. Really appreciate your creative input." Anne Marzan, Actor
  • Bethan England
    Bethan England
    A wonderful lady to work with, I HATE headshots as I get so nervous but I felt completely at my ease, spent the whole time laughing and am absolutely THRILLED with my headshots. Thank you!
  • Ashley Rose Kaplan
    Ashley Rose Kaplan
    "THESE IMAGES ARE AMAZING!" Ashley Rose Kaplan, Actor/Singer/Writer
  • Ashley Rose Kaplan
    Ashley Rose Kaplan
    THESE IMAGES ARE AMAZING! Ashley Rose Kaplan, Actor/Singer/Writer Alexa is professional, fun, & creates a space for the subject to feel free to play. Highly recommended!
  • Francesca Fraser
    Francesca Fraser
    “They're AMAZING!....Thanks for being so lovely" Francesca Fraser, Actor
  • Georgia McIntyre
    Georgia McIntyre
    the images look fab! Georgia McIntyre, Actor
  • Tara Woodley
    Tara Woodley
    I'm absolutely loving them! These are wonderful!!! Thank you so much Alexa! Tara x
  • Shina Shihoko Nagai
    Shina Shihoko Nagai
    “It was a really great experience with Alexa, love all images!” Shina Shihoko Nagai, Actor
  • Elizabeth Fedorowycz
    Elizabeth Fedorowycz
    Loved my session with Alexa, she is extremely professional with a great talent for photography, but we also had a lot of fun!
  • Rob Driscoll
    Rob Driscoll
    These look so amazing! You are fantastic thank you so so much! It was fantastic working with you and I look forward to working with you again in the future when I need an update.
  • Kara-Ami McCreanor
    Kara-Ami McCreanor
    "I love them!...Had a great time and I’m so happy with the shots.” Kara-Ami McCreanor, Actor
  • Jemima Newman
    Jemima Newman
    "Thank you. She so enjoyed it. You made her feel immediately at ease. She had fun and the unedited shots looked VERY promising!... What a decision, I want them all!...I LOVE THEM" Clare Kedwell, parent to young actor Jemima Newman
  • Emily Albright
    Emily Albright
    THANK YOU for these amazing pictures, I felt like a child in a sweet shop….It was incredibly hard but we made our choices….We are absolutely in love with you and when the girls are rich and famous, you will always be their photographer. The girls had a great time and me too! …The girls are obsessed with the pictures! Big love, Emily, Helena and Claudia
  • Veronica Hare
    Veronica Hare
    A P Wilding is an incredible photographer. She is confident, knowledgeable, reassuring and professional. Her studio is a great space that is set up efficiently and practically brilliant to get the best out of you and your shoot with her. She is fantastic and I cannot recommend her enough.
  • Santiago Del Fosco
    Santiago Del Fosco
    Alexa at A P Wilding Photography is great fun to work with. She brought out so many different aspects of myself. The results are wonderful.
  • Toby Sauerback
    Toby Sauerback
    Bring out the best in me.
  • Toby Sauerback
    Toby Sauerback
    Making it work with Alexa
  • Toby Sauerback
    Toby Sauerback
    Alexa knows her stuff.
  • Toby Sauerback
    Toby Sauerback
    Alexa is very good at getting the best out of you. Would always recommend.
  • Adam John Sharp
    Adam John Sharp
    Alexa is such a welcoming and calming photographer and i would wholeheartedly recommend her! 5/5
  • Jamie Begg
    Jamie Begg
    Alexa is the best in the business!! The shoot was so relaxed and she really gets what you need in a comfortable environment.
  • Elizabeth Graham
    Elizabeth Graham
    “Thank you so much for these superb images. They really do catch “me” (on a good day!), don’t they? I shall certainly spread the word whenever I can. Elizabeth, aka Delighted of Dulwich!” Elizabeth Graham, Actor
  • Ben Lynn
    Ben Lynn
    Lots of fun to shoot with and fantastic results. Thank you!
  • James Alexander-McInnes
    James Alexander-McInnes
    A P Wilding's talent and professionalism as a photographer are only bettered by her loveliness as a person. She brings the best out of her subjects warmly, deftly and gracefully.
  • Mariela Silva
    Mariela Silva
    Alexa is one of a kind! Her professionalism is high standards yet so friendly and wholehearted, she understands how much a headshot session means to the actor and how nerve wrecking it can be, even for those who are quite confident about it. She made me feel relaxed, joyful and understood. Her well trained artistic eye sees YOU! and the results of that speaks for itself. Thank you, Alexa, for the amazing images you captured. ***HIGHLY RECOMMENDED***
  • Phoebe Stapleton
    Phoebe Stapleton
    “The shots Alexa produces are both artistic and cleverly constructed to fit a range of different castings. Her in depth experience shines throughout the shoot as she knows exactly how to get the best outcome. I would recommend her to anyone. Alexa is an artist and also a wonderful person.- Thank you and see you again! X”Phoebe Stapleton, Actor
  • Stephanie Crome
    Stephanie Crome
    “ALEXA THESE ARE AMAZING! Thank you so much I love them!... Thank you so much again, to be honest I could have used any of them.” Stephanie Crome, Actor
  • Sara Cristy
    Sara Cristy
    I love them! Alexa completely understood what I needed. I feel way more confident after our session, both as an artist and as an individual. It is far more than an headshot session, it is a collaboration. Alexa also made me think like a casting director! Thank you so much! X
  • Natalya Martin
    Natalya Martin
    Alexa is so wonderful to work with, this was my second time getting headshots done with her. Not only does she take amazing headshots but makes you feel completely at ease. Thanks again Alexa xx
  • Karin Bello
    Karin Bello
    Alexa was so fun to work with. She made me felt at so at ease..I'm over the moon with the results!
  • Jessie Roberts
    Jessie Roberts
    We loved you, you made Jessie feel so confident about herself which is lovely, it was a struggle to choose as we loved them all. Thank you again.
  • Katherine Field
    Katherine Field
    Amazing! I love them, thank you so much. Katherine Field, Dancer
  • Marta Svetek
    Marta Svetek
    Fantastic photographer that really knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere at a shoot and find your best side! Great communication and accommodation around circumstances as well.
  • Emma Riches
    Emma Riches
    Thank you so much for a lovely, relaxed and fun shoot…. once again its been a complete pleasure to work with you. Already been recommending you!
  • Emma Riches
    Emma Riches
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything... I'm going back into the industry with my new headshots (which I love) and feeling so much more confident about what I can achieve now! I also wanted to thank you for the advice and help you've given me- its been fab!
  • Katherine Field
    Katherine Field
    “Amazing, thank you so much. I love them!” Katherine Field, Dancer
  • Laura Davies
    Laura Davies
    I absolutely adore my headshots. I was so nervous getting them done, but Alexa quickly puts you at ease. Highly recommend!
  • Tamara Wilder
    Tamara Wilder
    Amazing photographer..... great shots, great light so the perfect experience
  • Tamara Wilder
    Tamara Wilder
    Amazing photographer, great experience in shooting too. Highly recommended. I hate hate hate having my pic taken but Alexa does such a great job relaxing you and helping you find your best looks
  • Tandi Dodman
    Tandi Dodman
    A lovely atmosphere!! wonderful photos
  • Gayle Richardson
    Gayle Richardson
    It was so nice to have such a great time (for once!) … the images look amazing! Thank you so much Alexa, for all your hard work and being so amazing to work with, I will be singing your praises to anyone who even vaguely mentions headshots forevermore!”
  • Tamara Wilder
    Tamara Wilder
    Amazing photographer wholly recomend
  • Cheryl Prince
    Cheryl Prince
    Thanks for a wonderful shoot. Really lovely environment to play in.
  • Lydia Ward
    Lydia Ward
    A P Wilding is a brilliant photographer who immediately put Lydia at ease and brought the best out of her for her shoot to achieve a variety of different looks & moods for portfolio. I would not hesitate to recommend her & will definitely be booking again.
  • Steve Aaron-Sipple
    Steve Aaron-Sipple
    Fantastic photographer! made me feel so comfortable in the shoot to get the shots I really wanted. Could not recommend her more
  • Soulla Andrews
    Soulla Andrews
    Hi Alexa! Thank you so much for the images, I love them! Lots of love, Amelia x
  • Oliver Slade lee
    Oliver Slade lee
    Fab loved all her photos
  • Oliver Slade lee
    Oliver Slade lee
    Fab fun friendly Olly loved his shoot
  • Oliver Slade lee
    Oliver Slade lee
    Fabulous photographer Fun friendly Olly loved the shoot
  • Daisie Boyes
    Daisie Boyes
    Fantastic photographer, highly recommend.
  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith
    Very happy. I'll definitely be spreading the word. Thanks again, Connor.
  • Amber-Sky Ragipi
    Amber-Sky Ragipi
    Very professional
  • Mia-Summer Ragipi
    Mia-Summer Ragipi
    She was fantastic and made the children feel so very comfortable. I'd definitely recommend her and will use her again in the future x
  • Mia Lacostena
    Mia Lacostena
    Alexa Wilding is an amazing photographer to work with. She understands how important it is for actors to feel relaxed and energised during her shoots. Alexa works with her clients on a personal level, which makes the actor's character come through in her work.
  • ronan o leary
    ronan o leary
    “I had a look through the images, and agreed with your "faves list". They are great… I am very happy with the images.” Ronan O Leary, Actor
  • ronan o leary
    ronan o leary
    "I had a look through the images, and agreed with your "faves list". They are great… I am very happy with the images.” Ronan O Leary, Actor
  • Bernie Barrett
    Bernie Barrett
    Very happy with this photographer. She makes you feel relaxed during the session and helps with suggestions for clothes, hair and make-up..
  • Oliver Cunliffe
    Oliver Cunliffe
    I would highly recommend Alexa at A P Wilding photography. She is a bright bubbly person who immediately made my son feel comfortable and relaxed, which meant she got some fabulous headshots. She was brilliant at answering any questions that we had, and staying in contact with us after the shoot, keeping us informed of the editing process. We will definitely be returning next year for updated headshots. Thank you Alexa.
  • Paige Noyce
    Paige Noyce
    Fantastic photographer - so professional. The session was so relaxed and the images are amazing.  We will be back again in 6 months for the next lot of headshots. Would recommend to everyone.
  • Paige Noyce
    Paige Noyce
    Fantastic photographer - so professional. The session was so relaxed and the images are amazing.  We will be back again in 6 months for the next lot of headshots.
  • Anne Klein
    Anne Klein
    Alexa was incredible. She made me feel so relaxed that I actually ended up having fun, which I never would've expected. I am so happy with the results and sending all my friends to her.
  • Aidan Valentine
    Aidan Valentine
    I had a really enjoyable time! It was a hard choice as they were all excellent shots. A big thank you. :-)
  • Aidan Valentine
    Aidan Valentine
    I had a really enjoyable time! It was a hard choice to make as they were all excellent shots. A big thank you. :-)
  • Carlton James
    Carlton James
    Absolutely incredibly skilled Photographer Highly recommend
  • Zara Redmond gilhooly
    Zara Redmond gilhooly
    Alexa is a wonderful artist, makes you immediately at ease, getting the best from her clients.
  • Sarah Taddese
    Sarah Taddese
    Thank you so much for the final images I Love them! Also, Thank you for my experience! Sarah Taddese, Actor
  • Alicia Matthews
    Alicia Matthews
    Alexa (A P Wilding) is amazing. She put Alicia at her ease immediately and seemed like an old friend within minutes of meeting her. As a former actor she understands how stressful a headshot photo session can be. She chatted and made the whole experience fun and not the least bit stressful. I do not hesitate to recommend her.
  • Jessica Palmer
    Jessica Palmer
    Alexa was an absolute delight to work with, she made me feel confident and relaxed from the start. I was extremely happy with the images she produced for me and would highly recommend. Thanks again, Jessica Palmer - Actor
  • Georgina Bluck
    Georgina Bluck
    Every single pic was taken with a character in mind to make it easy for Casting Directors to select. This is one amazing photographer who knows the industry and what you need for success. Highly Recommend
  • Georgina Bluck
    Georgina Bluck
    Can't describe how thrilled we are with our new headshots from Alexa. Absolutely perfect and bringing out many different characters was so easy as she makes you feel totally relaxed.
  • Georgina Bluck
    Georgina Bluck
    One of the best photographers we have worked with. Not just great headshots but made my daughter feel totally relaxed - found it very very hard to choose our pics. Highly recommend.
  • Georgina Bluck
    Georgina Bluck
    Highly recommend Alexa for Spotlight headshots. Have never had such amazing headshots which bring out all the features and jump off the page of thumbnails Casting Directors wade through. Highly recommend.
  • Helen Oakleigh
    Helen Oakleigh
    A P Wilding was incredibly engaging, helpful and genuinely cared about the shoot which of course reflects in the photo's. I would happily recommend to any actor looking for a new photographer. Huge thanks!!
  • Helen Oakleigh
    Helen Oakleigh
    A P Wilding was incredibly incredibly engaging, helpful and genuinely cared about the shoot which of course reflects in the photo's. I would happily recommend to any actor looking for a new photographer. Huge thanks!!
  • Lydia Djan
    Lydia Djan
    thanks for making the shoot as smooth as possible…xx Lydia Djan, Actor
  • Honey-Mae Harper
    Honey-Mae Harper
    Fantastic photographer. Lovely lady who makes you feel very relaxed - amazing shots.
  • Anette Martinsen
    Anette Martinsen
    “OMG...That was soooo difficult :) I wanted them all! I Love love love them Alexa - you make me look amazing!" Anette Martinsen, Actor
  • Anette Martinsen
    Anette Martinsen
    OMG...That was soooo difficult :) I wanted them all! I Love love love them Alexa - you make me look amazing! Anette Martinsen, Actor
  • Anette Martinsen
    Anette Martinsen
    “OMG...That was soooo difficult :) I wanted them all! I Love love love them Alexa - you make me look amazing!"Anette Martinsen, Actor
  • Portia Criswick
    Portia Criswick
    Highly recommended. Very pleased with the result of the photographs. Alexa is a pleasure to work with.
  • Annabel Mccandless
    Annabel Mccandless
    I was incredibly impressed with AP Wilding - I have never felt so connected to the photographer shooting me, and I have had incredibly compliments about my headshots since
  • Emily-Alice Sesto
    Emily-Alice Sesto
    A P Wilding was so much fun to work with, I'm incredibly happy with the head shots.
  • Franck Assi
    Franck Assi
    A P is a very professional and likeable photographer. She has complete control of her art.
  • Grace Carmen- Davis
    Grace Carmen- Davis
    Great to work with-Love my photos!
  • Harriet Hay
    Harriet Hay
    Alexa made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the whole shoot and she was great at giving direction. I'm so pleased with my first headshots which are of highest quality. I'd definitely recommend Alexa for her amazing work and professionalism.
  • Tony Fisher
    Tony Fisher
    Thanks again for the fantastic pictures... If I need any further pictures taken I will know where to come." Tony Fisher , Actor
  • Malcolm Jeffries
    Malcolm Jeffries
    “OH MY GOD! They are even better than I could have hoped! LOVED working with you! I know it was only a couple of hours but I felt so comfortable with you (as if we were old friends in fact) and I cannot praise your work enough." Malcolm Jeffries, Actor
  • Portia Criswick
    Portia Criswick
    So pleased with my headshots. I had such an enjoyable and relaxed shoot with Alexa and would highly recommend her to any performer looking to update their portfolio.
  • Kristal Geddes
    Kristal Geddes
    Excellent, recommend!
  • Leigh Daniels
    Leigh Daniels
    Highly recommend AP Wilding as a photographer. Alexa is everything you wish for in a photographer, someone who makes you feel totally at ease and has a wonderful creative eye to bring out the very best in you. Thank you so much Alexa!
  • Luke Hardwell
    Luke Hardwell
    Alexa was an absolute pleasure to work with. She undoubtedly brought out the best side of me during the session and gave me some really outstanding headshots.
  • Sabrina Petcu
    Sabrina Petcu
    I am really pleased with all the images. I love it!! I will definitely get in touch again. You're an amazing photographer. Sabrina Petcu, Actor
  • Alicia Mckenzie
    Alicia Mckenzie
    Highly recommended. The shoot was slick and efficient. Alexa is warm and friendly, extremely talented and has a great eye for detail. I'm so pleased with the images - fantastic!.
  • Benjamin Garrison
    Benjamin Garrison
    “Love them! They have been very well received!...Thanks so much for being amazing!” Benjamin Garrison, Actor
  • Megan Stachini
    Megan Stachini
    Amazing photographer. Made me feel at ease and comfortable.
  • Sarah Moorse
    Sarah Moorse
    Excellent photographer. Relaxes you and puts you at ease to get amazing photos.
  • Jasmine Raymond
    Jasmine Raymond
    Alexa really puts you at ease and as mixed race woman with big hair she understood how important it was to show off, not simply flatten to fit the frame. They were all so good, I honestly struggled to narrow them down. Thank you for putting all past headshot fears to bed. x
  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker
    A P Wilding's actor headshots are in my opinion some of the best in the business. If you want your photos taken in a relaxed, warm and friendly setting, and are looking for top quality headshots which show your best features in a range of contrasting looks, then I would recommend you book a session with A P Wilding now.
  • Laura Winter
    Laura Winter
    Alexa was so wonderful to work with. I actually had fun at my headshot session which I had previously thought was impossible! She really does make you feel relaxed and I was so happy with all the images that she took. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
  • Cheryl Neve
    Cheryl Neve
    Alexa is a talented and very friendly photographer, would highly recommend.
  • Cheryl Neve
    Cheryl Neve
    Alexa Wilding is a wonderful photographer and a very nice person to work with! She has a very friendly approach and I will be using her again!
  • Alisa Knight
    Alisa Knight
    Lovely lady , so down to earth - which is not always the case in this business . Terrific shots - they look like YOU but better !!!! I highly recommend Alexa
  • Kristal Geddes
    Kristal Geddes
    Alexa, knows what the Casting Directors want to see, good to work with a Photographer that knows the industry.
  • Annabel Green
    Annabel Green
    I absolutely love them, it's great to have such a variety of different looks and photos that actually look like me on a good day! Alexa was lovely to work with and made the whole process easy and fun! I hope to work with her again in the future!
  • Loretta Walsh
    Loretta Walsh
    Alexa is fantastic. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is SO talented. I highly recommend her. She deserves every success.
  • Dixita Pandya
    Dixita Pandya
    These are brilliant. Really happy with them! Alexa is very professional, fun and made me feel so comfortable!
  • Hannah Kelly
    Hannah Kelly
    Alexa is a fantastic photographer, I was extremely pleased with the quality of the headshots! The shoot was so fun and relaxed and she really pulls out the best of you. I would recommend to any actor looking for fantastic headshots.
  • Hannah Kelly
    Hannah Kelly
    Alexa is a fantastic photographer and a lovely lady! She creates a fun, friendly atmosphere and makes you feel so relaxed during the shoot. Alexa really brings out the best in you! I was so impressed with the quality of the headshots. Would highly recommend!
  • Hannah Kelly
    Hannah Kelly
    Alexa is a fantastic photographer and a lovely lady! She creates a fun, friendly atmosphere and makes you feel extremely relaxed during the shoot. I was so impressed with the quality of the headshots and would recommend to any actor!
  • Charleen Meredith
    Charleen Meredith
    Alexa was absolutely fabulous! Great at making you feel totally relaxed and natural!
  • Charleen Meredith
    Charleen Meredith
    Alexa was amazing! She made me feel so relaxed and made it an absolute breeze to be relaxed and natural!
  • Angela Hartwell
    Angela Hartwell
    Fab fab fab thanks so much love them. Thanks again for such a fun shoot. Will definitely be in touch when I need to update them!
  • Hannah Grace-May
    Hannah Grace-May
    In love with the images! Thanks again so much Alexa for an incredible shoot - so so so happy with the results!
  • Tibu Fortes
    Tibu Fortes
    Since having the shots I’ve booked a prime time TV show, a big theatre job, 8 commercials and 3 corporates! Thank you so so much! You really are awesome and your work speaks for itself. I'm recommending you to everyone! I LOVE THEM!! Tibu x
  • Michael Koltes
    Michael Koltes
    Was fun to work with and got some good pictures to.
  • Julieta D'ursi
    Julieta D'ursi
    Highly recommended.Fantastic shoot.
  • Brooke Aylen
    Brooke Aylen
    I had a blast! Can't recommend AP Wilding highly enough! (She makes you great strawberry tea too!) xx
  • Adi Lerer
    Adi Lerer
    “Lovely working with you x”
  • Bella Heesom
    Bella Heesom
    Alexa was lovely and friendly and got an impressive range of looks in a short space of time. I would happily recommend her to other actors :)
  • Elizabeth Cox
    Elizabeth Cox
    I felt really good leaving the shoot. Alexa did a great job putting me at ease immediately - I had fun! And I'm very pleased with my final images, thank you!!
  • Ben Kelleher
    Ben Kelleher
    Alexa is very welcoming and makes you feel relaxed & comfortable. I'm very happy with the final images.
  • Sophie Bryant
    Sophie Bryant
    I absolutely loved working with Alexa, she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. It was a joy to work with her as she was very professional and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. If i need more pictures I will definitely return to her.
  • Jennifer Hanah
    Jennifer Hanah
    I couldn't recommend Alexa Wilding more highly. It was a fun session and I was very pleased with the final images! Don't hesitate to book in for your session with Alexa !
  • Victoria Wright
    Victoria Wright
    You are such a rock star Alexa!! Thank you for a great photo shoot! Vicky xx
  • Poppie  Boyes
    Poppie Boyes
    Fantastic photographer - highly recommend.
  • Katie Alys Barton
    Katie Alys Barton
    See previous testimonial
  • Anika Newjoto
    Anika Newjoto
    The shoot was fun and I really like the results.
  • Taz Singh
    Taz Singh
    Love them! Wow they look amazing… I loved the shoot – you’re such a fun person, made it easier for me to chill and relax! ... My agency loved my new pics!
  • Sally Bosman
    Sally Bosman
    My headshots from Alexa are the best I've ever had taken. The session was great fun and she knew exactly how to put me totally at ease so that she got the best from me. I can't recommend her highly enough - she's an inspiration!
  • Katie Alys Barton
    Katie Alys Barton
    Very impressed (see previous testimonial)
  • Katie Alys Barton
    Katie Alys Barton
    Very impressed. Fantastic images in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • Lesley  Jorgensen
    Lesley Jorgensen
    Wonderful, friendly photographer. Very professional and very happy with recent headshots.
  • Natalie Proudlock
    Natalie Proudlock
    Alexa was really lovely to work with. She's terrific at helping you relax and feel at ease, and my shots turned out great!
  • Kathy Trevelyan
    Kathy Trevelyan
    Alexa is a fantastic photographer and really fun to work with. Highly recommended.
  • Kathy Trevelyan
    Kathy Trevelyan
    Alexa is a fantastic photographer. Really fun to work with too. Highly recommended.
  • Venetia Twigg
    Venetia Twigg
    Thanks to Alexa for a lovely shoot! I really like the photos and she was extremely easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her.
  • Andrew Candish
    Andrew Candish
    AP Wilding was tremendous to work with, taking time to get to know me and creating a great working environment. We worked together to get some great results. Thank you.
  • Alex Kayode-Kay
    Alex Kayode-Kay
    A P Wilding did an excellent job, producing quality head shots at an affordable rate. Makes you feel relaxed during the process as well. Highly recommended
  • Lee Ravitz
    Lee Ravitz
    Alexa comes highly recommended by me. She is able to put an actor completely at ease and to tailor shots to your needs. She offers striking results for a very reasonable outlay.
  • Annika McAdams
    Annika McAdams
    I loved working with Alexa, she put me at ease straight away. I went in wanting a few specific looks, in which she has captured amazingly.
  • Dionte Mulira
    Dionte Mulira
    Alexa was an absolute pleasure to work with. she was so sweet and she made you feel comfortable but at the same time she made sure that your shots were amazing, which they were.
  • Sally Ann Staunton
    Sally Ann Staunton
    Alexa, they look incredible I could cry after years of being so unhappy with my headshots, they finally look like me...You made me feel fabulous! Can't wait to send them out so chuffed!
  • Natalie Mason
    Natalie Mason
    Alexa was such a treat to work with- great attention to detail and direction style to bring out true character.. she ran through exercises to make me as comfortable as possible and was super quick in getting the images to me!
  • Brandon Quillan Wade McConnell
    Brandon Quillan Wade McConnell
    OMG they are all so amazing Alexa, I really can't thank you enough, really am so very grateful to you for bringing the best out in me and as I am sure your know I would recommend you 100% to anyone that asked for a photographer in future.. once again a big thank you Alexa..Brandon x
  • Daniel Skinner
    Daniel Skinner
    very very good
  • Daniel Skinner
    Daniel Skinner
    very very good ,
  • Karen Ash
    Karen Ash
    Such a lovely person - relaxed and fun session. Highly recommended.
  • Shereen Roushbaiani
    Shereen Roushbaiani
    Love love love the shots! This lady’s work is AMAZING! ONE WEEK having these Headshots-I have already been cast! GET BOOKING!!
  • Jack Silver
    Jack Silver
    AP was lovely to work with and very good and keeping the session light and enjoyable.
  • Lauren Scott-Berry
    Lauren Scott-Berry
    I absolutely love my head shots and Alexa made the whole experience so easy!
  • Sonja Zobel
    Sonja Zobel
    The pictures are amazing. I feel so relieved as I know that I have now a photographer that I can trust and always return to. I had a good and relaxing and felt that I could take all the time I wanted.
  • Ruby Whish
    Ruby Whish
    Professional photo
  • Linsey Niven
    Linsey Niven
    A P Wilding was very patient, versatile and friendly. Great to work with.
  • Michael Waller
    Michael Waller
    Was fun working with Alexa! She's a total star and made me feel much less awkward infant of the camera and totally relaxed.
  • Jo Ashe
    Jo Ashe
    I'm very happy with my photos. Alexa was excellent at making the session relaxed and enjoyable and I'd happily recommend her.
  • Eve Levic
    Eve Levic
    I would definitely recommend A P Wilding to other actors requiring professional headshots.

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