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    Let me introduce myself. My name is Kirill Kozlov and my journey into the TV and Film industry began 20 years ago when I was studying to be a Director of Photography (DOP). So beautiful TV and film lighting is my thing! Luckily for everybody I brought those skills into shooting headshots.

    A headshot must be what YOU need agents, managers and casting directors to know about you. You must know what you want to say in your shot. And, it's my responsibility to make sure that the image says what you need it to say and brings out the most bookable you.

    It's definitely not just about making a pretty picture of you. In fact, a pretty picture might not be what you need at all. Casting directors need to be able to see why they should bring you in. What makes you uniquely interesting?

    Through many close relationships and conversations with casting directors and agents, I've developed a process that will produce the headshot you need to get hired.

    Among my list of clients are United Agents, Hamilton Hoddel, Independent Talent Group, William Morris, Conway Van Gelder, Narrow Road Management and many many others.


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