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    Let me introduce myself. My name is Kirill Kozlov and my journey into the TV and Film industry began 20 years ago when I was studying to be a Director of Photography (DOP). So beautiful TV and film lighting is my thing! Luckily for everybody I brought those skills into shooting headshots.

    A headshot must be what YOU need agents, managers and casting directors to know about you. You must know what you want to say in your shot. And, it's my responsibility to make sure that the image says what you need it to say and brings out the most bookable you.

    It's definitely not just about making a pretty picture of you. In fact, a pretty picture might not be what you need at all. Casting directors need to be able to see why they should bring you in. What makes you uniquely interesting?

    Through many close relationships and conversations with casting directors and agents, I've developed a process that will produce the headshot you need to get hired.

    Among my list of clients are United Agents, Hamilton Hoddel, Independent Talent Group, William Morris, Conway Van Gelder, Narrow Road Management and many many others.


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  • Sophie Guiver
    Sophie Guiver
    Kirill produced exactly what I wanted. He was a great guy to work with. All the images were re touched in two days. I couldn't recommend him more!
  • Anastasia Deloret
    Anastasia Deloret
    Really good photoshoot, professional and friendly. Great advices and directions. Really had a good time.
  • sam spiegel
    sam spiegel
    Good photographer, can capture spirit of character
  • Drew Elston
    Drew Elston
    Great photo session!
  • Patrice Bevans
    Patrice Bevans
    Kirill has a wonderful approach and a thorough understanding of what actors and extras need in a high quality head shot to help market themselves. My job offers increased significantly after submitting the photos taken by him.
  • Philip Bubb
    Philip Bubb
    A super shoot.
  • Philip Bubb
    Philip Bubb
    Nice guy and very professional. I am very pleased with the results.
  • Philip Bubb
    Philip Bubb
    Kirill is a lovely person to meet and he managed to make me relax during the photo shoot. I am extremely pleased with the results.
  • Philip Bubb
    Philip Bubb
    Kirill is a lovely person to know and he managed to make me relax during the photo shoot. I am extremely pleased with the results.
  • Drew Elston
    Drew Elston
    Great Photographer! I would make use of his service again.
  • Jack Gassmann
    Jack Gassmann
    Very impressed with Kirill, professional, talented and very open to experiments.
  • Alice Cardy
    Alice Cardy
    I really enjoyed my session with Kirill. He made sure I had a huge variety of photos to choose from and I was really pleased with the results. He also did a great job making me feel relaxed and getting different sides of my personality to come out.
  • Rosie Hewett
    Rosie Hewett
    Great pictures!
  • Andrea Deeley
    Andrea Deeley
    Kirill makes you feel at ease and gives clear directions in a relaxed and informal atmosphere to get the best out of the sitting actor. I think he is an excellent photographer.
  • James William Cooke
    James William Cooke
    Headshot photo
  • Dulcie Rose
    Dulcie Rose
    I couldn't have been happier with Kirill, we discussed what I wanted and needed from my headshots, we looked at past photos and discussed what I didn't like and talked about my casting. The shoot was brilliant and I genuinely could have used hundreds of the photos as they are all of such good quality!
  • Alicia Stark
    Alicia Stark
    Kirill is very proffesional and very encouraging, taking a wide range of shots for a wide range of playing ages and theatre types
  • Wiktoria Wabnyc
    Wiktoria Wabnyc
    I am very impressed with Kirill. It was my first time getting headshots done and I didn't really know my type and what I am expected to do. But as soon as I got there, Kirill explained everything to me. He understood the acting business and we had taken a lot of good headshots.
  • James Hall
    James Hall
    A very pleasant man to work with who works diligently to bring out your best qualities for the photos, highly recommended to give this man a try.
  • Jade Emily Nicholas
    Jade Emily Nicholas
    An incredible photographer whom I would highly recommend!
  • Abdiel LeRoy
    Abdiel LeRoy
    I have had several headshot sessions in my 20 years or so in the acting business, including top photographers in New York City. Kirill is up there with the best of them! The session was a pleasure, straightforward, easy, and flexible. And I am very pleased with the results.
  • Chloe Wigmore
    Chloe Wigmore
    Brilliant photographer
  • Conor Bolton
    Conor Bolton
    I recommend this guy, He's really Professional and very Down to earth.
  • Ainy Jaffri
    Ainy Jaffri
    Very easy to work with, Helpful and friendly
  • Sandra Langley
    Sandra Langley
    I would recommend Kirill, excellent service.
  • Fiona McIntyre
    Fiona McIntyre
    Very professional photographer, took a great set of headshots for me for a reasonable price.
  • Luke Bennett
    Luke Bennett
    Really happy with photographer. Lovely, natural shots.
  • Chloe Gilgallon
    Chloe Gilgallon
    Really pleased with headshots - good value and relaxed session!
  • Shante Campbell
    Shante Campbell
    Amazing guy, friendly atmosphere
  • Sophie Cotton
    Sophie Cotton
    Wonderful session. Have a number of pictures to use.
  • Myles Marshall
    Myles Marshall
    Having my headshot's done with Kirill Photography was an experience to remember. I've never felt so relaxed and so at ease whilst having head shots done. Kirill was very considerate as to what image I wanted portray in my head shots. His guidance and direction was impeccable, the experience as a whole was 1st rate and I would recommend Kirill Photography to anyone looking for a quality head shot or photographs.
  • Annabelle Goff
    Annabelle Goff
    A very good photographer who is very easy and comfortable to work with. I'm always happy with my Kirill headshots!
  • Emma Hilts
    Emma Hilts
    Fantastic photography session, very friendly, really put me at ease. And beautiful headshots!
  • Ashleigh Swain
    Ashleigh Swain
    He was very proffesional but friendly too. He made it easy to pose and has a calming influence.
  • Kelly Steele
    Kelly Steele
    Very professional and friendly photographer, knew what he was doing and was a relaxing and enjoyable shoot.
  • Roderick Cowie
    Roderick Cowie
    Brilliant Loved my time at Kirill, will go again
  • Tom Kent
    Tom Kent
    Taken in 2010.
  • John Doughty
    John Doughty
    Superb Photographer! Industry standard angles, lighting and style. Will definately be using them again
  • Angela Greaves
    Angela Greaves
    The best headshots I've ever had taken. Makes you feel very comfortable, Thank You
  • Augusta Jomes
    Augusta Jomes
    Fantastic work!I felt very comfortable and he was wonderful to work with.
  • Lianna Haynes
    Lianna Haynes
    Fantastic photographer, great results and a pleasure to work with.
  • Stephen Molloy
    Stephen Molloy
    Very happy with headshots.
  • Clare Leanne Kelman
    Clare Leanne Kelman
    Very highly recommended - professional, but charming and relaxed. Best experience yet.
  • Aliakbar Campwala
    Aliakbar Campwala
  • Aliakbar Campwala
    Aliakbar Campwala
    Just two words : Absolutely Brilliant!
  • Nicky Callanan
    Nicky Callanan
    I would totally recommend Kirill
  • Nicky Callanan
    Nicky Callanan
    Would totally recommend Kirill
  • Alex Hall
    Alex Hall
    Kirill was excellent. A casual yet professional approach to the process and at excellent value for money. Highly recommended.
  • Chantal Dias
    Chantal Dias
    A great photographer!
  • Wallatta Nicholson
    Wallatta Nicholson
    i was very happy with my photos i would say kirill is one of the top photographers to go to.
  • Christian Walker
    Christian Walker
    Very talented, reasonably priced photographer who will work with you until you are happy.
  • Nicky Callanan
    Nicky Callanan
    I intend to go back! He was great to work with.
  • Natalie Lesser
    Natalie Lesser
    A fabulously talented photographer who makes you feel relaxed and happy. He's sensitive to indevidual needs and also has great vision. I'm very happy with my phots and will be back in the future! Thanks you!
  • Sydnee Howard
    Sydnee Howard
    Kirill is a fantastic photographer, I felt very comfortable and in control of the pictures I would recieve. He is very easy to get on with and that meant he got the best responces out of me. A great value for money, I would highly recomend him to anyone. Sydnee

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