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    Michael Pollard
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    I've specialised in photographing actors for many years and I'm fortunate to shoot for, and to work closely with, the top actors' agencies in Manchester, the North West and further afield and because of this I understand the industry and the way it is changing. Photographs are being used to target castings and role types more closely than ever before and the use of on-line portfolios for casting means actors and agents need, and are demanding, more variety of looks. I can help you achieve this simply and effectively by changing clothes, appearance and location during the shoot which will give you a wide variety of look and style, whether the look you're after is simply natural and fresh, contemporary, period, corporate, street....whatever you need. The shoot, however, can be as simple or varied as you want it to be and I'm happy to give any advice you may need to help you get a set of images that look like you (very important!) and work for you.

    The shoot is unhurried and relaxed and generally lasts around 2 hours allowing time to change tops, hair or makeup if necessary. Men too can change their look by shaving part way through.

    I shoot both outdoors in natural light and in a studio environment to give you the widest variety of images possible.

    As many shots as necessary are taken and these are later carefully edited to give you the very best and most useful images. A set of contact sheets in both colour and black and white are then emailed to you.

    £120.00 for a session resulting in at least 120 shots on the contact sheets plus 5 selected, finished images supplied as high resolution files in both colour and black and white.
    £100.00 for full-time Drama Students

    Cost of additional images : £10.00 per image

    More images of actors I've worked with can be viewed on my own website or on twitter, facebook and instagram posts.

    If you'd like further information or just need some advice then call on the number below and either Kathryn or I will be happy to talk to you. If we're busy then please leave a message and we'll get back to you.

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  • Dan Sheppard
    Dan Sheppard
    Great photographer . Extremely reasonable prices and content
  • Aniko Toth
    Aniko Toth
    Consistently great. Punctual, great communicator, great images.
  • Steve Kilpatrick
    Steve Kilpatrick
    Michael is a fantastic photographer who has a wonderful way of making you feel at ease. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for headshots.
  • Rebecca Neale
    Rebecca Neale
    He was a fantastic photographer and made me really feel at ease.
  • Helen Lewis
    Helen Lewis
    Awesome, would highly recommend
  • Rebecca Favas
    Rebecca Favas
    Excellent photographer who provides photos that get you castings.
  • India Gibbins
    India Gibbins
    Michael made me and my two friends feel completely at ease during the shoot and was incredibly helpful with costume, hair and makeup ideas. And assisted in the final choices of my headshots.
  • Nikki Ford
    Nikki Ford
    Michael is a wonderful head shot photographer. He's great at making you feel comfortable and at ease, whilst taking an array of photos that really get to the heart of who you are and who you could be.
  • Nathan Haymer-Bates
    Nathan Haymer-Bates
    Brilliant photographer, amazing to work with
  • Steven Hogg
    Steven Hogg
    Great guy and a true pro
  • Claire Dean
    Claire Dean
    Cannot recommend Michael highly enough - actors based in the north should have him at the top of their list of photographers. Lovely, relaxed session that leads to a great selection of high quality images.
  • Sean Madden
    Sean Madden
    Great quality photos. Great professionalism, really enthusiastic about is work and also very friendly and welcoming.
  • Non Vaughan-O'Hagan
    Non Vaughan-O'Hagan
    Michael Pollard was recommended to me by my agent and I'm very pleased indeed that I had a session with him. Michael is very easy to work with and so kind. He really achieved some great photos and I would strongly recommend him to colleagues.
  • Marc Liam Jones
    Marc Liam Jones
    Great Photographer. Highly reccommended.
  • Gillian Freeman
    Gillian Freeman
    Brilliant photographer and made shoot very comfortable
  • Jade Mason
    Jade Mason
    Brilliant quality headshots in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
  • Grazia Nelson
    Grazia Nelson
    Michael is a brillliant dedicated headshot photographer who great at catching the finer detail and personality and who puts you totally at ease
  • Jake Benson
    Jake Benson
    Phenomenal results from Michael, he is incredibly chatty and makes you feel relaxed whilst also remaining constantly professional
  • Michael Southcombe
    Michael Southcombe
    Great service by Michael Pollard, great photos and great conversation.
  • Vincent Ashwood
    Vincent Ashwood
    Professional, hard working, helpful individual who truly wants to deliver the best quality images. A credit to his craft and a real friend to other creatives.
  • Kieran Mitchell
    Kieran Mitchell
    Wonderful professional
  • Rachel Rawson
    Rachel Rawson
    Very good photographer, highly professional and a very nice and helpful guy all round highly recommend :)
  • Kelvin Wolfenden
    Kelvin Wolfenden
    Found through CCP - Great professional photographer highly recommend great to work with
  • Carl Wolfenden
    Carl Wolfenden
    Found Michael on CCP - he is really professional and great to work with.
  • George Andrews
    George Andrews
    Michael makes the whole process relaxing and interactive. He listens to what you are aiming for and provides it, with highly professional results. I would highly recommend him.
  • Mick Walters
    Mick Walters
    Professional Head Shot photographer from Stockport UK
  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones
    Michael is a fantastic photographer, he instantly calms the actor and knows exactly what he's doing. I would highly recommend his services to everyone.
  • Andrew Heath
    Andrew Heath
    Amazing photographer always gets the best shots
  • Penelope McDonald
    Penelope McDonald
    Fabulous relaxed session with great results.
  • simon Fletcher
    simon Fletcher
    Michael is an amazing photograph and I love my new head shots and would recommend him to anyone.
  • Lucy Tindle
    Lucy Tindle
    Such a professional photographer and a great experience .
  • Louise Barton
    Louise Barton
    Very impressed with Michaels work!
  • Joe Matthew Morris
    Joe Matthew Morris
    Michael is a very friendly and talented photographer who knows how to make your photos look crisp, professional and eye-catching whilst making sure the shots represent you accurately. Best money I ever spent on headshots.
  • Xie Nan
    Xie Nan
    Michael Pollard is very nice to deal with. He is professional and made me feel relaxed while shooting.
  • Jean Hoare
    Jean Hoare
    Amazing photographer spends hours and makes you feel very relaxed and natural.
  • John Thacker
    John Thacker
    Captures brilliant head shots, welcoming and friendly, really impressed with the shots!
  • Joanne Sartorius
    Joanne Sartorius
    Superb photographer based in Manchester specialising in actors headshots.
  • Kenny Jermyn
    Kenny Jermyn
    Highly Recommend,
  • Cloe Pearson
    Cloe Pearson
    He was very laid back and gave his opinion of how he thinks you should look and how you should angle your self towards the camera.
  • Philip Shaun McGuinness
    Philip Shaun McGuinness
    Michael is an excellent photographer and I would highly, highly recommend him to anybody.
  • Denise Cooke
    Denise Cooke
    Michael is great to work with.
  • Caroline Clegg
    Caroline Clegg
    Michael's work is superb, highly recommend.
  • Natalie Timmins
    Natalie Timmins
    Brilliant shots and fantastic to work with!
  • Richard Hulse
    Richard Hulse
    Very efficient and professional service from Michael.
  • Emma Chapman
    Emma Chapman
    Fantastic photographer based near Stockport. Fantastic knowledge of the industry, a relaxed no rush approach to the shoot and so many good images to choose from afterwards. Would recommend him very highly!
  • Toni Sherwood-Pearce
    Toni Sherwood-Pearce
    Wonderful photographer. Very patient and welcoming.
  • Michael S. Siegel
    Michael S. Siegel
    Very relaxed shoot. Gave plenty of time to try different looks. Reasonable fair price.
  • Noel Ross
    Noel Ross
    Excellent Photographer .. Knows his stuff!
  • Paul John O'Neill
    Paul John O'Neill
    Excellent, friendly and professional photographer based in Stockport.
  • Roanna Walker
    Roanna Walker
    Michael is the best!
  • John David-Evans
    John David-Evans
    Very Impressed by Michaels approach, made me feel very relaxed on the day and I am very happy with the results. Very competitively priced. http://www.michaelpollard.co.uk/
  • Lynsey Coulthard
    Lynsey Coulthard
    Fantastic photographer, very professional and helpful and would recommend to anybody looking for headshots in the area. The pictures are great and I got them quickly. Very impressed with them all.
  • James O'Connor
    James O'Connor
    Michael Pollard is a friendly, professional and incredibly reasonably priced photographer. He is especially good with actors who are having their very first headshots taken for the first time.
  • Keely Cole
    Keely Cole
    Excited headshot session with Michael, very happy with the results, would highly recommend.
  • Lesley Kaufman
    Lesley Kaufman
    Lovely session with Michael, who makes you feel relaxed. I was happy with the contact sheet. There were many different 'faces' and all were real and truthful
  • Caroline Frewin
    Caroline Frewin
    Lovely guy, relaxed shoot
  • Bruce Jackson
    Bruce Jackson
    An excellent photographer, with a very friendly and relaxing approach.
  • Stephen Murray
    Stephen Murray
    Michael was extremely professional at all times during the shoot and I am very pleased with the results.
  • Aniko Toth
    Aniko Toth
    Amazing photos, friendly, quick service. Affordable. Highly recommended.
  • Aniko Toth
    Aniko Toth
    Great photographer, well connected, makes you comfortable. Affordable and friendly.
  • Bonita James
    Bonita James
    Great photographer :)
  • Carly Tarett
    Carly Tarett
    Lovely relaxed photo session, very pleased with photos.
  • John Highton
    John Highton
    Great photographer. Relaxed shoot,really took the time to get the best shots. Highly recommended.
  • Gemma Ryan
    Gemma Ryan
    Exceptional north west based photographer. Would highly recommend.
  • Edward Barry
    Edward Barry
    Michael really puts you at your ease and his work speaks for itself. A real professional and a gentlemen to boot.
  • Howard Whittock
    Howard Whittock
  • Jamie Fillery
    Jamie Fillery
    fantastic photographer. really works with you to get different looks so you have a large variety to choose from.
  • Daniel McClelland
    Daniel McClelland
    excellent headshots, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
  • Esther Dix
    Esther Dix
    Fantastic photographer, very highly recommended.
  • Alan Hawdon
    Alan Hawdon
    Very proffessional and easy to work with and more importantly captured many accurate shots.
  • Claudia Dawe
    Claudia Dawe
    Brilliant, professional and friendly photographer. Highly recommended.
  • Paul Michael Metcalf
    Paul Michael Metcalf
    Absolutely Terriffic Photographer! would suggest this photographer to anyone looking for headshots.
  • Paida Mutonono
    Paida Mutonono
    Amazing guy. Really Friendly and Professional.
  • J.j. Henry
    J.j. Henry
    Very good, would recommend.
  • David Lucas
    David Lucas
    Excellent unrushed session at a reasonable price
  • Hayley McGregor
    Hayley McGregor
    Brilliant!!! Very very happy with the results and he's a very nice man.
  • Ruth Cataroche
    Ruth Cataroche
    I have full permission to use the photograph.
  • Mike Woodhead
    Mike Woodhead
    Excellent, friendly, good value.
  • Ste Johnston
    Ste Johnston
    Great photographer took a range of photos both indoor and outdoor. Highly recommended!
  • Nora Finney
    Nora Finney
    Brilliant photographer! would recommend anyday x
  • Rhianydd Beaumont
    Rhianydd Beaumont
    Michael was amazing and totally worth the money that I payed. He was professional and encouraging and I got so many shots to choose from my agent and myself had a difficulty choosing as they were all so good. I would recomment Michael Pollard.
  • Adrian Glass
    Adrian Glass
    I found Michael to be very professional in his work. Has a great ability to make you feel at ease and relax.
  • zoe simone summer
    zoe simone summer
    excellent photographer great shoot and a great result
  • Gerica Mc Mullen
    Gerica Mc Mullen
    Very proffesional and accurately captures desired outcomes.
  • Clare Chandler
    Clare Chandler
    i'd highly recommend michael, we had a wonderful session that gave us loads of options to choose from in the end.
  • Laura Lindsay
    Laura Lindsay
    Michael was fantastic, he took great care to ascertain what I wanted and put me at ease from the beginning of the shoot. I am really pleased with the photos and it was very good value. I would highly recommend Michael.
  • Stuart Horobin
    Stuart Horobin
    Michael came recommended and rightly so - he was excellent, very patient and tried lots of different shots in his studio and outside.
  • Ruth Urquhart
    Ruth Urquhart
    Great photographer who puts you at ease. very pleased with photos
  • Richard Hoyle
    Richard Hoyle
    Micheal was an exellent photographer and made sure he dafinatly had at least 25 photos for me to chose from. I also think he was exellent value for money.
  • Victoria Slinger
    Victoria Slinger
    Micheal is brilliant to work with. Extremely professional & well priced. He listens to what you are aiming for and delivers it, he also gives you several differant looks to show versatility. I will certainly use him again in the future.
  • Katie Matthews
    Katie Matthews
    Yes - very good.
  • Mark Callum
    Mark Callum
    more than happy with my pictures and how things were on the day made to feel at ease and enjoyed the time there

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