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    Michael Wharley
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    "Top Theatre Photographer...Leading voice on headshot trends" (The Stage)

    Oh, and I make happy actors headshot clients! More positive Mandy.com feedback than any other photographer.

    Check out the video here, to take a step inside one of my headshot sessions: youtu.be/GJeB3GynsHk

    Get seen more with stunning portfolios from one of the UK’s foremost headshot photographers.

    My industry insight and photographic skill mean we’ll subtly capture your full casting range to create a portfolio truly fit for 2018, whether for the UK or US.

    Because one good headshot is fine, but a set of great headshots can open many more doors.

    How We Work Together

    I make my shoots like 3-4 mini sessions in one, working my ass off and using all my photographic, lighting and directing skills to make your session as productive as possible:

    - I treat you as an individual: learning how you've been cast, the roles you'd like & what your agent wants, considering your skin tone, facial structure & hair/eye colour.
    - We get as much variety out of the session as possible.
    - We shoot indoors & outdoors, in colour & B&W and choose a selection of tops that will show the greatest range.
    - Plus: I work to use different backgrounds, different lighting techniques & direct you to different moods to help capture your full casting possibilities.
    We spend time on simple posing techniques that will help you look your best, while appearing perfectly natural.
    - I ask you to help shape the session: I send a welcome pack to help you brief me, then during the session we regularly review photos to get the headshots you need.
    - I offer a range of packages to suit all budgets and needs (check out the link for full details of booking and sessions)

    Of course you can rely on my industry expertise (The Stage recently called me a "Top Theatre Photographer", and how many other photographers do you know who have surveyed all UK casting directors in the last year?), but I think this is the best way to get eye-catching shots capturing the full range of your casting.

    Plus, my sessions are relaxed - even fun - with music, tea, chat and no time-pressure, so you feel and look at ease in front of camera. Check out the video at the link above, for a taster.

    But the proof's in the pudding, right? So explore my work in more depth here, or on my website.


    - 'The Pro' :(2hrs, 3 retouches): £350. - 'The Complete': (up to 3hrs, 5 retouches): £490. Agent Stud: £450.
    - Extra retouched shots are <b>always</b> £24, to reflect the 30-40 minutes I spend editing a shot, not to make loads of money out of you.

    Contact and website: Check out my website for full package details, to see my portfolio and to read client testimonials.

    If you have any questions, just drop email or call 07961 068759.

    You can also join my facebook page for news, discounts and special offers.

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  • Jade James
    Jade James
    It was an absolute pleasure to get these headshots taken by Michael! I could not be happier with them - they're by far the best headshots I've had so I would highly recommend him! Il be back again when I need my next batch done :) Thanks again Michael!!
  • Leigh Ariana Trifari
    Leigh Ariana Trifari
    Michael was an absolute delight to work with! Extremely knowledgeable, technically proficient and very professional. I was amazed how quickly our session went and how many great shots I got as a result! It was very hard to choose my favourites. I couldn't recommend him more!
  • Elâ Sophia
    Elâ Sophia
    Highly recommend.
  • Carla Hart
    Carla Hart
    Michael is very professional, warm and welcoming. Everything was really easy to organise; from the booking through to receiving the photos... and he's full of helpful tips to get you prepared beforehand so you feel ready. I'm very happy with the results.
  • Ian Watt
    Ian Watt
    Fantastic human being who can build real rapport in a short time. Understood exactly what I was looking for and delivered beyond my expectations.
  • Toussaint Meghie
    Toussaint Meghie
    "Great shots, great Photographer"
  • Toussaint Meghie
    Toussaint Meghie
    "Extremely pleased with my shots, great photographer"
  • Mitchell Ndema
    Mitchell Ndema
    Amazing to work with. He directs you through out the entire shoot and through the hour session. We came out with amazing results.
  • Jerome Dowling
    Jerome Dowling
    Fantastic time working with him
  • Tracey Ann Wood
    Tracey Ann Wood
    Yes, very impressed by the results. Michael is a fantastic photographer.
  • Julie Binysh
    Julie Binysh
    Michael was great at putting me at ease and guding me through the session with helpful suggestions. I would strongly recommend him.
  • Tracey Ann Wood
    Tracey Ann Wood
    Yes, very pleased with the headshots. Had lots to choose from the contact sheet. Michael is an excellent photographer and a master of lighting.
  • Cameron Panting
    Cameron Panting
    Very good. Totally relaxed environment, and happy with the result!
  • Gavin James
    Gavin James
    Fantastic photographer and nice guy...
  • Madeleine Millar
    Madeleine Millar
    Amazing to work with and I was very impressed with the result. I would highly recommend.
  • Monty Lloyd
    Monty Lloyd
    My time with Michael at the Headshot session was both professional and relaxing.
  • Georgina-Rose Robinson
    Georgina-Rose Robinson
    Michael was absolutely fantastic. Such a lovely man and extremely talented at what he does. Couldn't recommend him highly enough. I found a photographer for the first time who I felt knew exactly what I wanted and how to get it.
  • Ellisif Bendiksen
    Ellisif Bendiksen
    Having a background in modeling, and having worked with a lot of Photographers, I have to take my hat off for Michael. He's without doubt the most talented and professional photographer I have ever worked with! It's pricey, but it would not be fair with regards to the work that he does to charge even a pound less!
  • Seelan Gunaseelan
    Seelan Gunaseelan
    I have used Michael Wharley as my headshot photographer for the last six years and have had three separate sessions over that period. I love his shooting style and I am always pleased with the results. He is a great photographer who I can completely to trust to do a great job.
  • Tessa Mason
    Tessa Mason
    Michael was amazing to work with! Put you at ease straight away and came away with some great shots! Have done and will continue to highly recommend.
  • Natasha Granger
    Natasha Granger
    Fantastic photographer. Professional and really put me at ease.
  • James Tobin
    James Tobin
    The kindest man you could hope to meet. I would recommend anyone to him in a heartbeat. He took the time to really discover my casting (actual and aspirational) and photographed them all. He also is very tech savy and knows how to best upload files so they suit any medium (online, in print etc).
  • Sam McPhillips
    Sam McPhillips
    Michael is a great guy. Makes you feel comfortable. Communication was superb. He happily went out of his way to make adjustments and take extra shots when I asked. Highly recommend.
  • Jonathan Ellis
    Jonathan Ellis
    Super session; great outcomes
  • Holly Franklin
    Holly Franklin
    A wonderfully friendly and talented photographer. A pleasure to work with.
  • Prince Shoyelu
    Prince Shoyelu
    Michael Wharley is by far the most experienced photographer in the UK especially when it comes to headshots for actors. His work is second-to-none and one every actor must experience. The quality and the uniqueness he incorporates into his work is mind blowing.
  • Gillian Harker
    Gillian Harker
    One of the best photographers I've worked with! Great guy, fun shoot, lots of tea, great music. Michael is gets your images across to you very quickly.
  • Emily Scott
    Emily Scott
    Couldn't of asked for a better photographer, amazing photos, put me at complete ease- Look no further.
  • Suzie Voce
    Suzie Voce
    He was so lovely. The photographs were great! Highly reccomended.
  • Michèle Belgrand
    Michèle Belgrand
    He's simply the best!
  • Jake Hogan
    Jake Hogan
    Michael Wharley made me feel relaxed and comfortable in my first headshot session with him, he captured a range of theatrical, traditional and commercial looks all in one session.The resulting headshots were outstandingly professional and I would highly recommend him for any aspiring actor.
  • Barry McStay
    Barry McStay
    The best headshots in town
  • Oliver Bury
    Oliver Bury
    Super brilliant photographer and human! Friendly, naturally talented and knows how to get exactly what you want and works well with you to achieve that.
  • Bryan Bounds
    Bryan Bounds
    Michael's an excellent headshot photographer. He comes with an actor's experience, he's meticulous about getting the right angle, and he knew how to capture my 'type'.
  • Thomas Ababio
    Thomas Ababio
    Award wining photographer Google him
  • Mary Sheen
    Mary Sheen
    Very Good Accomplished Photographer - makes the whole experience pleasant & relaxed.
  • Paul Valentine
    Paul Valentine
    Fantastic photographer, makes you feel relaxed, and gets great results.
  • Samuel Armfield
    Samuel Armfield
    Extremely happy with the photos! He is a top professional who makes you feel completely at ease throughout. Using his experience and knowledge, he really captures you at your best in a variety of casting types. Highly recommend!
  • Jake Herbert
    Jake Herbert
    Michael is an absolute delight to shoot with and completely makes it a collaboration from the outset. He understands all aspects of head shots from all perspectives of the industry. GENIUS!
  • Cassandra Lyons
    Cassandra Lyons
    This is my second headshot session with Michael so yes I am impressed with Michael. Michael makes everything about the session both hassle and pain free from booking to receiving your final shots. Michael (as he says on his website used to be a actor) this is so helpful as he knows what is required what will work and what won't. During the shoot Michael gives really clear concise accessible direction as well. Michael has a keen eye for detail and composition and creates striking and interesting colours and lighting as well as taking brilliant shots of everyone. Have a look at his website there is such a variety of faces ages sexes types etc and everyone has very arresting shots. As well as being delighted with the finished product I know in the past I have taken stress into previous shoots and perhaps what is really worth its' weight in gold is how calm and relaxing both Michael and his lovely Make Up Artist Terri Pace are. for the duration of the session I felt like I was just having a lovely old chat.
  • Kaiden DuBois
    Kaiden DuBois
    Incredibly easy photographer to work with, and amazing final shots. I would definitely recommend!
  • Rebecca Cooper
    Rebecca Cooper
    Pro through and through.
  • Rebecca Quinn
    Rebecca Quinn
    Great result and was really relaxed throughout, would definitely recommend.
  • Devanshu Oza
    Devanshu Oza
    I highly recommend Michael! Made the photo shoot a breeze to go through. He certainly know what he is doing!
  • Sorcha Verey
    Sorcha Verey
    A brilliant headshot photographer! Excellent with me as a first timer, helped build a natural, comfortable and organic working environment. highly recommended.
  • Airlie Scott
    Airlie Scott
    Michael was fantastic, very professional, good at putting you at your ease too.
  • Sarah-Jane Dent
    Sarah-Jane Dent
    Michael Warley is very professional,and makes you feel relaxed.Im very happy with my Headshots.
  • Annie Orchard
    Annie Orchard
    Michael is an excellent photographer who puts you at ease from the moment you set foot in the studio. He has a great way of helping you achieve your desired looks and I was so pleased with my end selection of photos.
  • Amelia Blackwell
    Amelia Blackwell
    Wonderful headshot photographer, and lovely guy!
  • Daisy England
    Daisy England
    Michael was brilliant to work with! He was warm, understanding and worked with you to make sure you got the best head-shots possible.
  • Virginia Byron
    Virginia Byron
    Michael is a wonderful photographer.
  • Virginia Byron
    Virginia Byron
    Michael immediately put me at ease. I recommend him whole-heartedly.
  • Catherine McDonough
    Catherine McDonough
    Highly recommend Michael.
  • Angie Smith
    Angie Smith
    We had a great session - Michael makes the whole process so easy! I'm really happy with the results, ended up with lots of options to choose from - I think it's the best set of photos I've had done. I would recommend him every time.
  • Katy Haskell
    Katy Haskell
    It is worth paying that little extra for brilliance! Michael is the only head shot photographer I would recommend.
  • Kate Lush
    Kate Lush
    Great Photographer, lovely relaxed session, loads of quality shots to choose from.
  • Katy Haskell
    Katy Haskell
    Professional, warm, friendly & relaxing. Fantastic environment for head shots. Michael knows how to get the best shot every time.
  • David Houston
    David Houston
    Very focused and talented photographer
  • David Houston
    David Houston
    Extremely professional
  • David Houston
    David Houston
    Extremely professional.
  • David Houston
    David Houston
    At the top of his game. "Top theatre photographer" The Stage
  • Gordon Peaston
    Gordon Peaston
    Michael is sublime. I was thoroughly impressed with the entire experience. He relaxes you, makes you feel comfortable and works very collaboratively with you and never dictates his own agenda. He is a wonderfully supportive photographer - i have no hesitation in recommending him. I'm delighted with my results.
  • Catherine McDonough
    Catherine McDonough
    One of the best photographers I have worked with. Takes care and makes sure your shoot is individual to you. Relaxed and comfortable which is vital for great shots
  • peter donegan
    peter donegan
    Great photographer who makes you feel very relaxed. Will definitely be using Michael's services again.
  • Jd Hunt
    Jd Hunt
    A truly great photographer; Michael is knowlegable, patient and really puts you at ease. My session as worth every penny and we got some great shots cover a wide range.
  • Jade Kelly
    Jade Kelly
    It was awesome to have my first ever headshot session with Michael! Would recommend to all!
  • Christopher G. Jones
    Christopher G. Jones
    Michael was an amazing photographer. Impressively skilled and knowledgeable, easy to get on with and spent about 10 minutes grinding coffee for me before the shoot! His photographs speak much more for his skill than my words can!
  • Chris Vincent
    Chris Vincent
    I would go Michael again.
  • Carla Cresswell
    Carla Cresswell
    I can not recommend this photographer enough! Headshot's to me are very daunting and probably my most least favourite part about the industry, but my mind was completely changed after my session with Michael. He made me feel so at ease throughout the session and was very encouraging as well as collaborative. The images are spectacular, he is well and truly gifted from god. He also comes with the option of a lovely MUA Terri Pace, which I can assure you that you are most definitely in safe hands when it comes to both makeup and photographer!
  • Jenine Stacey
    Jenine Stacey
    I was really worried about feeling at ease and comfortable in my shoot and was also concerned that I just wouldn't get any decent photos for that reason. Michael immediately made me feel relaxed and was utterly brilliant. He communicated well during the shoot, allowing me to view photos and look at what did and didn't work. I left there feeling much more confident infront of the camera and reassured that I would have good images. Which I did.
  • Mark Topping
    Mark Topping
    Great to work with. Produces great headshots. Best in the business.
  • Joanna Wills
    Joanna Wills
    Great headshots - could not recommend him enough. TOP TOP GUY!
  • Carla Espinoza
    Carla Espinoza
    Michael is great! He took so many great shots that I spend a week to chose my final ones. I am very pleased.
  • Alex Gaumond
    Alex Gaumond
    Couldn't be happier with my new headshots. I highly recommend Michael for his friendly, relaxed and efficient approach to getting the best out of the session and really delivering some outstanding results.
  • Kate Kelly
    Kate Kelly
    Micheal Wharely turned my usual dread filled, hateful headshot experience into a suprisingly fun and enjoyable afternoon. He's kind, honest, and extremely generous not only with his advice but his time too. He made me feel really comfortable and maybe for the first time I have headshots to be proud off. Very happy with the results.
  • Euan Bennet
    Euan Bennet
    Fantastic session, very relaxed and managed to get a lot done in the time we had!!
  • Tom Lorimer
    Tom Lorimer
    Fantastic photographer. Consummate professional and great fun.
  • Yeliz Simsek
    Yeliz Simsek
    It was comfortable, natural and organic working with Michael
  • James William Ward
    James William Ward
    Michael Wharley does fantastic shots. He manges to create a truly diverse portfolio that is upto date and makes full use of the recent introduction of colour headshots
  • David Whitney
    David Whitney
    I can not recommend Michael enough he is brilliant . his photos have tripled my audiences
  • Yeliz Simsek
    Yeliz Simsek
    Very nice to work with Michael.
  • Noro Napravnik
    Noro Napravnik
    Awesome experience. Easy going and knows exactly what to do. Time well spent.
  • Natasha Murphy
    Natasha Murphy
    What an amazing photographer and lovely person to shoot with! I have some amazing Headshots for my portfolio showcasing a range of different looks. Highly recommend his relaxed approach and tailoring the session to suit you, brings out incredible results.
  • Nelson.E Ward
    Nelson.E Ward
    An excellent headshot photographer
  • Kitty Roe
    Kitty Roe
    Absolutely loved working with Michael - he was helpful, friendly and very encouraging and gave great direction. He totally put me at ease and in control of my headshot session. There were plenty of chances to make changes or tweaks to my look, and to see the headshots we had taken and see if there was anything I'd like to change. Cups of tea and lovely conversation. Absolutely recommended, worth every penny. Thanks!!
  • Sarah Morgan
    Sarah Morgan
    Michael is fantastic to work with! He knows exactly how to help you get what you want from your shoot, and he's also great fun and made me feel very at ease. I would highly recommend him!
  • Anna Bolton
    Anna Bolton
    Michael Wharley lived up to all the reviews. The session was relaxed, professional and dare I say it - fun! I absolutely recommend him to any actor looking for high quality, tailored images which give you a range of looks to choose from and most importantly look like you at the end of it.
  • Edalia Day
    Edalia Day
    He was fantastic. Michael really took the time to get to know what I wanted from the session and he experimented with different styles until I was satisfied (though to be honest I was satisfied very quickly as the photos look great, no immodesty intended).
  • Cornelius Geaney
    Cornelius Geaney
    The best headshot photographer in the business
  • James Petherick
    James Petherick
    Terrific photographer; high quality pics, helpful, sensitive and professional.
  • Jodie McGregor
    Jodie McGregor
  • Nelson.E Ward
    Nelson.E Ward
    Excellent and patient photographer
  • Nelson.E Ward
    Nelson.E Ward
    An excellent headshot photographer.
  • Mark Arnold
    Mark Arnold
    Fabulous. Wonderful to work with.
  • Orlando Brooke
    Orlando Brooke
    Brilliant session with Michael Wharley - he makes you feel at ease and brings out your personality with ease.
  • Lauren Hillyer
    Lauren Hillyer
    Michael Wharley is a fantastic photographer. He really makes you feel comfortable and takes his time to capture the perfect headshot. He works with you and makes sure you leave his studio happy with the results. You get to review your photos after each set, which is great because you can see what you like/dislike. Using natural lighting, he really captures the depth needed for a perfect headshot. I will be going back again next year.
  • Alice Bell
    Alice Bell
    No other photographer has made me feel as relaxed in front of the camera, and produced such great results in a short time. I'm not a natural in front of the camera and generally have a natural turn, I've always had many many shots to choose from on the contact sheets, instead of the usual one or two. Michael is funny, clever and a talented artist, and they are perfect actor's head shots because he captures perfectly you and the character you project.
  • Kathryn Goldsmith
    Kathryn Goldsmith
    Michael is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. Easy, friendly and fun are perfect words to describe the session with him. My second shoot with him and even more impressed than last time.
  • Tanya Page
    Tanya Page
    Michael is a great photographer who is incredibly helpful and puts you at your ease straight away
  • Owen G Bevan
    Owen G Bevan
    This man... if anyone, can make you feel like you're a professional once more. Clear shots giving colour and clarity and above all, PERSONALITY. His shots lift your image from the screen and page and give you real life in the eyes of a casting director. I would work with him, again and again.
  • Lucy Scammell
    Lucy Scammell
    I'm pretty confident that choosing Michael Wharley for my headshots will be the best career decision I make this year.
  • Jane Goddard
    Jane Goddard
    Excellent photographer who only improves as years go on. He's done my last 3 sessions and I've always been delighted with the results.
  • Tanya Vital
    Tanya Vital
    Best Headshots I've had in 15 years! Made me feel welcome and comfortable. Never rushed and worked with me rather than against me. THOROUGHLY recommended
  • Elliot Hadley
    Elliot Hadley
    Thoroughly impressed by Michael from the start. A true professional and a gentleman. We discussed what I wanted from my session and he put me at ease. It was so pleased with the outcome.
  • Penelope Read
    Penelope Read
    Amazing photographer.
  • Chris Udoh
    Chris Udoh
    Very easy going and great to work with. Made my first experience taking head shots less daunting.
  • Eleanor Young
    Eleanor Young
    Fantastic, Michael gets you exactly what you're after and is wonderfully 'progressive' about modern headshots!
  • Sophie Jugé
    Sophie Jugé
    Michael made me feel relaxed and directed me gently and clearly throughout the session. Pausing to look at the shots that we had so far was really helpful in bringing out even more great shots. He is really talented and can't be recommended highly enough. A wonderful start to 2015!
  • Nick Edison
    Nick Edison
    great experience working with Mike. I don't like having head shots taken, but he made it fun and produced a load of great shots! Thanks Mike!
  • Chris Hespel
    Chris Hespel
    I am very impressed with Michael's work! The best headshots I've ever had! Highly recommended!
  • Shirley Valentine
    Shirley Valentine
    Great Photographer
  • Mark Topping
    Mark Topping
    Great to work with. Really knows the business. Excellent results.
  • Miss Asia
    Miss Asia
    Head-shots taken by Michael Wharley Photography in 2014.
  • Justin Groves
    Justin Groves
    Michael was amazing to work with. As soon as I got to the studio he made me feel completely relaxed. When we were shooting the photos he made it feel like two friend hanging out, but still he produced very high professional photos.
  • Jessica Tyler
    Jessica Tyler
    Great photographer who is an absolute pleasure to work with as well as being able to give really useful advice on the industry generally.
  • Kluane Saunders
    Kluane Saunders
    Michael's pre-shoot e-mail helped me prep well for the shoot. At the shoot itself he put me at ease straight away and made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. At the end I had lots of great shots with different looks to choose from.
  • Owyn Stephens
    Owyn Stephens
    An excellent photographer, i wouldn't go anywhere else
  • Samantha Vaughan
    Samantha Vaughan
    Michael was fantasic. I had a great session, felt really at ease, felt like I was achieving everything I wanted from the time we had and had a lot of great advice thrown in, brilliant! Would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone looking for a great headshot photographer.
  • Kate Lush
    Kate Lush
    Absolutely fantastic experience - great shoot and great results, and a super nice guy as well. Makes you very comfortable, while directing each shot to get the best shot.
  • Lindsay Atherton
    Lindsay Atherton
    Perfect shots that captured everything I needed.
  • David Curtis
    David Curtis
    Working with Michael was a really enjoyable experience. His professional friendly manner really put me at ease and made for a very fun and successful shoot. The pictures were all amazing and it was hard to choose.
  • Louise Latham
    Louise Latham
    Excellent photographer to work with and really happy with my headshots. Couldn't recommend more highly.
  • Bomi Lee
    Bomi Lee
    I had a wonderful session with Michael. He was professional, helpful and fun! Highly recommend him!
  • Robert Chambers
    Robert Chambers
    Michael Wharley is a top photographer and lovely bloke. Put me totally at ease making it a really fun few hours. I'll certainly be getting further shots done through him
  • Lauren Backler
    Lauren Backler
    A fantastic headshot photographer who put me at ease straight away, and delivered fantastic polished results. I would highly recommend Michael Wharley to any actor looking to update their headshots!
  • Emma Kendrick
    Emma Kendrick
    An incredible photographer who captures the essence of who you are. Would highly recommend again and again.
  • Kirsty Linton
    Kirsty Linton
    Michael was brilliant to work with! Very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend him to everyone!
  • Louise Latham
    Louise Latham
    Michael Wharley was great to work with, he really put you at ease and knew what he was doing! Great photographs as a result.
  • Laura Wolfe
    Laura Wolfe
    Brilliant headshot photographer, produced the best headshots I've ever had.
  • Helen Bovey
    Helen Bovey
    A fantastic photographer who is very professional and made me feel at ease during the photo shoot. I am very pleased with the results of the shoot and would recommend him to any actor.
  • Pearl Marsland
    Pearl Marsland
    Excellent photographer and lovely to work with.
  • Pearl Marsland
    Pearl Marsland
    Fun and relaxing to work with and excellent results. Highly recommended!
  • Philippa Howard
    Philippa Howard
    Cannot recommend Michael for headshots highly enough!! I'm thrilled with the results. All the looks I hoped for were achieved, surpassing my expectations. Only problem was narrowing down the choices. Plus I had a blast! I had a real dislike and almost fear of photoshoots. This recent shoot with Michael has changed all that! He got to know what my needs were and still fought to fit that into the cheapest package for me. Despite my explaining I was willing to pay for the Premier. He carefully directed me and relaxed me to the point where I was having fun (unbelieveable!) We regularly checked to see we were getting the shots I wanted and Michael was very easy to be honest and open with. A fantastic experience!
  • Ed Bailey
    Ed Bailey
    Brilliant, skilled, professional, friendly, knowledgable.
  • Philippa Carson
    Philippa Carson
    http://www.michaelwharley.com/ He's awesome!
  • Ed Bailey
    Ed Bailey
    I had a great two and a half hours. Michael has knowledge, skill, warmth and free sweets. He ran the shoot brilliantly and delivered proofs and final shots very promptly. Absolutely superb.
  • Matthew Ronchetti
    Matthew Ronchetti
    A very enjoyable session with great shots, would thoroughly recommend!
  • Sarah Rorbach
    Sarah Rorbach
    This is the second time I have used Michael, and I would recommend every time and to anyone. He really knows how to get the best out of you and will always give more than his best to create a professional, diverse portfolio for you.
  • Jade Smart
    Jade Smart
    A brilliant photographer who completely understands actors needs and wants. I felt completely relaxed and at ease, which allowed me to achieve the shots I wanted. I will most definitely be returning and would recommend to any budding or professional actor.
  • Katie Ward
    Katie Ward
    A true professional with a unique skill at capturing the real "you" in a headshot. A great experience and lovely guy!
  • Rhiannon Owens
    Rhiannon Owens
    I had a lovely morning shooting with Michael. He made me feel very comfortable and took the time to help me decide on the looks I wanted. We took some initial test shots and reviewed them to see what colours worked and discuss any concerns. We then went on to shoot indoors and outdoors with various lights and backgrounds. Michael provided plenty of guidance along the way and I got to review each new batch of pictures to confirm I was happy with them. I felt like I had plenty of time and left feeling very confident that I had achieved what I wanted to out of the shoot. I am very happy with the final result.
  • Ronan McMahon
    Ronan McMahon
    Excellent headshot session, production and rapid turn around. Delighted with the results.
  • Victoria Smith
    Victoria Smith
    Certainly the best headshot session I've had. Michael creates a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere and really listens to what you want from the process. I'll definitely go back!
  • Hannah Farmer
    Hannah Farmer
    These were my first headshots so I was a little nervous, not quite knowing what to expect. Michael was absolutely fantastic, explained to me what I would be doing, made me feel really at ease and I was very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend his services.
  • Natasha Staples
    Natasha Staples
    Michael is wonderful to work with and the results exceeded my hopes!
  • George McVeagh
    George McVeagh
    Great guy to work with - very pleased with the end product
  • Dimitar Stoyanov
    Dimitar Stoyanov
    Michael is great photographer and artist
  • Veroniki Kyriakopoulou
    Veroniki Kyriakopoulou
    Michael Wharley is an excellent photographer and great professional to work with. It was my first professional headshot experience and Michael was very helpful and understanding, always offering constructive suggestions. Michael’s experience as an actor himself also gives him a great understanding of how to keep your relaxation but also focus in the right place in order to get the most out of the session. Would definitely recommend him! Thank you again for some great shots! Veroniki Kyriakopoulou, 2 Year Acting - Drama Studio London
  • Lauren Donovan
    Lauren Donovan
    I am so pleased with Michael's shots. The whole session was enjoyable as Michael makes you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. I would highly recommend to any actors needing new or first headshots.
  • Tamara Cole
    Tamara Cole
    It was a pleasure working with Michael Wharley, it was very professional and enjoyable.
  • Paul Matania
    Paul Matania
    Brilliant photographer. Made me feel very relaxed, definitely got the best out of me. Top bloke!!
  • Robert Rowe
    Robert Rowe
    Michael's approach is reassuring and encouraging, starting with the excellent advice on his website about how to prepare for the shoot.When you get there he works with you to get exactly what you want, using different settings and looks, and goes through all the results with you on the spot, advising you what will work best. He delivers the finished shots quickly and in very high quality. Michael knows the market inside-out and works with you to produce just what you need to get you noticed.
  • Sean Connell
    Sean Connell
    Great photographer, hugely informative about his process and works with you. Recommended!
  • Laura Fitzpatrick
    Laura Fitzpatrick
    Friendly and professional!
  • Bella Barlow
    Bella Barlow
    brilliant shoot
  • Bella Barlow
    Bella Barlow
    brilliant photographer and really fun shoot. would recommend to anyone as he really focuses on the individual.
  • Natasha Staples
    Natasha Staples
    A wonderful professional, and I'm delighted with the results.
  • Natasha Staples
    Natasha Staples
    The best photographer I've ever sat for.
  • Efy Levy
    Efy Levy
    The session was amazing! I couldn't recommend Michael more highly. Not only was he professional, but also extremely warm and nice and made me feel really confident. Having gone through other people's headshots I knew he would be the right person to go for, and I was right.
  • Ceridwen Smith
    Ceridwen Smith
    I am delighted with my headshot sessions with Michael, who has now done my photos several times. He always manages to put his clients at ease, as well as being knowledgeable with a good understanding of the industry. I find his sessions very reasonably priced, highly productive and enjoyable! I would not hesitate to recommend him.
  • Marie Bushell
    Marie Bushell
    http://www.michaelwharley.com/ Hair and makeup- https://www.facebook.com/EJCorbettMUA
  • Alison Tennant
    Alison Tennant
    I would thoroughly recommend Michael to take anybody's pictures. His manner put me at ease straight away and he did everything in his power to make sure that I was 100% satisfied with the final products. I am very pleased with them.
  • Alexis Leighton
    Alexis Leighton
    Michael was fabulous to work with, he had clarity and vision but gave space and freedom. A truly collaborative session and great fun as well. I recommend him highly but don't just take my say-so - try for yourself!!!!!
  • Ben Murrell
    Ben Murrell
    Absolutely great photographer, really cares about what he photographs. I would recommend to any actor wanting headshots.
  • Michalianna Ioli Theofanopoulou
    Michalianna Ioli Theofanopoulou
    Michael is amazing at what he is doing. He is a professional and at the same time makes you feel relaxed and helps you to get the best out of your pictures. It was my first photo session and I will be definitely going back!
  • Kelly Tennant
    Kelly Tennant
    Brilliant photographer, very comfortable environment and made the whole session enjoyable. Photos are with you by the next day and within a week of choosing my final shots they were back to me in a perfect condition and ready to use. I would definitely recommend Michael to anybody, very reasonable price and fab photos at the end!
  • Heather Wilson
    Heather Wilson
    Michael was absolutely brilliant to work with, I felt confident throughout the whole shoot that my headshots would be wonderful and he didn't fail to impress.Excellent value, I will be recommending him to fellow actors in the future. I will also be using him again when it comes time to update.
  • Siobhan Schulz
    Siobhan Schulz
    It is always an absolute pleasure working with Michael, and I am a hundred percent happy with the final photos. Highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for headshots.
  • Paul Valentine
    Paul Valentine
    Very good headshots. Worked in a relaxed environment. Highly recommended.
  • Nathalie Nightingale
    Nathalie Nightingale
    Absolutely fantastic session with Mr. Wharley, made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, the three hour session just flew by! Really really pleased with the results as well.
  • Liam Fleming
    Liam Fleming
    Fantastic photographer who made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera. I recommend him thoroughly.
  • Amanda Kelly
    Amanda Kelly
    Most enjoyable photoshoot, with a great guy and great results. Highly reccommed him.
  • Shyam Bhatt
    Shyam Bhatt
    So very impressed - Michael was brilliant to work with and knew exactly how to get what was needed out of the session. The session was relaxed and professional; I would return to Michael and recommend him to anyone else. Thank you!
  • Feyi Babalola
    Feyi Babalola
    Michael is very professional and good at what his does. He has a great eye for detail and he does everyhing he can to ensure that he captures you at your best. Michael understands that actors need to portray a range of cast types which is extremely benifical and helpful for the actor. You are also able to view your images during your shoot which is fantasic.
  • Carole Bremson
    Carole Bremson
    Great photographer!
  • David McClelland
    David McClelland
    I can thoroughly recommend working with Michael Wharley. Not only does Michael understand the science and the art of the headshot, but he totally gets actors and knows how best to collaborate with them to get the best from a shoot. The session itself is relaxed and friendly but focused and productive. I particularly valued the opportunity to take a look at and discuss shots during the session, giving me confidence in the shots themselves as well as in myself. The results of Michael's work are there for all to see: superb headshots that get actors work. Now, isn't that what we all want?
  • Jessica Tyler
    Jessica Tyler
    Michael is brilliant. He is an absolute pleasure to work with. Extremely knowledgeable and professional, his insight into the industry and what is required for a great headshot was reflected in the easy-going yet focused session, the quality of the huge selection of shots I had to choose from and his ready advice and guidance. I was extremely happy with the whole experience from start to finish and I would highly recommend Michael Wharley to any actor.
  • Robert Harding
    Robert Harding
    Michael Wharley is an excellent choice of photographer for anybody wanting a truly professional headshot portfolio. He has an acute ability to get to the heart of your casting range and will bring out all aspects of it. If you have a clear idea of what you want your headshot portfolio to show, Michael Wharley will definitely deliver the photos you want and, more importantly, need to succeed.
  • Nikki Langworthy
    Nikki Langworthy
    It was a great pleasure to work with Michael, he made me feel comfortable in front of the Camera. I would highly recommend him to anyone! First class photographer!
  • Rob Langston
    Rob Langston
    Really happy with my head shots from Michael Wharley, managed to create many different images with different light and feel.
  • Emma Burn
    Emma Burn
    Very happy with my new shots, highly recommend Michael!
  • Natalie Rosewood
    Natalie Rosewood
    Absolutely fantastic photographer, very pleased with the results. Made me feel relaxed and a lovely man to work with. Also very reasonably priced, I would recommend him to anybody seeking highly professional head shots.
  • Tamsin Goodwin
    Tamsin Goodwin
    Highly recommended.
  • Magdalene Mills
    Magdalene Mills
    This was a great session, and the pictures are fantastic. He knew what I wanted and made sure we got it.
  • Amy Pryke
    Amy Pryke
    I was so impressed and happy with the way my photos turned out, they really capture my casting and the session itself was brilliant; Michael made it very relaxing, and was very helpful answering any questions I had, gave great advice and was happy to listen to any suggestions. I would highly reccomend him to anyone who needs a great headshot
  • Simon Rhys-Jones
    Simon Rhys-Jones
    Excellent, relaxed session with skilled professional approach. Would recommend to anyone looking for new headshots.
  • Simon Rhys-Jones
    Simon Rhys-Jones
    Michael holds a fun and relaxed session to get the best out of the model/actor/actress. I would defiantly recommend.
  • Owyn Stephens
    Owyn Stephens
    I always go with Michael as i think he does the most fantastic photos.
  • Siobhan Schulz
    Siobhan Schulz
    I really enjoyed working with Michael and was more than happy with the results.
  • Pall Palsson
    Pall Palsson
    Very happy with the photo session and the results.
  • Kevin Golding
    Kevin Golding
    Excellent photo session with Michael.He kept the whole shoot very relaxed,gave me some great advice about the type of looks to go for.It all went wonderfully smooth and i'm very happy with the results.
  • Colin Burden
    Colin Burden
    Website michaelwharley.com
  • Sophie Wilding
    Sophie Wilding
    Working with Michael was great. He was very friendly and helpful, taking the time to find out what I want over a cup of tea, offering suggestions and giving us time to look through the pictures several times throughout the session. I'm really happy with the results too!
  • James Hamer-Morton
    James Hamer-Morton
    A superb casual yet professional session. Had a lot of fun, and Michael found it seemingly easy to capture the best of me. Would highly recommend.
  • Dave Watkin
    Dave Watkin
    Fantastic photographer... highly recommend! www.michaelwharley.co.uk
  • Adrian Fear
    Adrian Fear
    I'd strongly recommend anybody having photos taken to have a look at Michael's site www.michaelwharley.co.uk and click on the link 'Wharley in 'The Stage'' and have a look at some of his excellent articles including ones on headshot trends and the nature of casting and perhaps most invaluably an article on what you get from various popular photographer and for how much. During the session Michael listens carefully to what you want from your photos and is technically and creatively expert to capture that. Turn around for contact sheet and finished prints was very fast and just another aspect of his attention to detail that makes him an excellent photographer.
  • Paul Linghorn
    Paul Linghorn
    Excellent photographer who makes you feel at ease and charges incredibly reasonable prices particularly for students and those whom like his facebook page.
  • Joanna King
    Joanna King
    Michael Wharley is BY FAR the best photographer I have ever worked with. Over the many years I have struggled feeling comfortable in front of a 'still' camera and trying to display my character as an Actress.... Until I had my session with Michael Wharley. I had 24 perfect shots to choose from?! Never had to struggle to much to choose from 24! Absolutely the best session ever.
  • Chris Carroll
    Chris Carroll
    A great photographer. Michael makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed, and knows exactly what to say to get the best out of you. He is very professional, and best of all, charges a very fair proce. The turnaround on the shoot was very fast too, I had a contact sheet to view online, the same day and within another day or two had my final choices ready. Highly recommended.
  • Pedd Raam
    Pedd Raam
    Great collaborative photography session and professional and artistic insight and high quality heaedshots for professional actors - is what you get at Michael Wharley Photography :)
  • Robert Ravelli
    Robert Ravelli
    Very good to work with.
  • Robert Ravelli
    Robert Ravelli
    Very good to work with and provides quality feedback on which headshots work best.
  • Nitin Parashar
    Nitin Parashar
    Great work great guy.He knows proper work.very good.
  • Nitin Parashar
    Nitin Parashar
    Great work and great guy.Reccomended.
  • Nitin Parashar
    Nitin Parashar
    great stuff.highly recomended.very friendly and give you a time to bring real imotions.Thanx
  • Tamsin Goodwin
    Tamsin Goodwin
    I had a very relaxing and enjoyable session. I was very happy with the photos and I think they represent the way I look and my personality well. I would throughly recommend him.
  • Alice Bell
    Alice Bell
    Instantly at ease with a warm welcome from this charming photographer. The results were better than I anticipated and I am delighted to recommend him to any actor wanting a portfolio. The only trauma is in choosing which to use, there are so many good pictures. This is certainly not a case of buy cheap buy twice either, value for money, but not at the expense of quality.
  • Alice Bell
    Alice Bell
    Instantly at ease with a warm welcome from this charming photographer. The results were better than I anticipated and I am delighted to recommend him to any actor wanting a portfolio. The only trauma is in choosing which to use, there are so many good pictures.
  • Simone Douani
    Simone Douani
    I did my last headshots with Michael and was great to work with him. He is very professional and reliable.I Highly recommend him to anyone who needs very good headshots!
  • Jessica Gardner
    Jessica Gardner
    An excellent photographer who really knows what he is doing. Gave me exactly what I wanted!
  • Rebekah Roe
    Rebekah Roe
    Great photographer, fantastic rates. A very relaxed, enjoyable photo session. Very pleased with the results. I recommend Michael to anyone and everyone needing headshots.
  • Alex Scott Fairley
    Alex Scott Fairley
    Michael's an excellent photographer, and I was very, very happy with the shots he took. He's been an actor himself, so has a unique insight into how to put an actor at ease when shooting, and what an actor needs from his/her headshots. I'd definitely recommend him!
  • Hannah Whittingham
    Hannah Whittingham
    I'd recommend Michael highly - a great, chilled out session with a guy who seriously knows his stuff.
  • Owyn Stephens
    Owyn Stephens
    An excellent photographer, his professional attitude combined with his easy going persona has made me stick with Michael for the last 3 years. Definitely recommended.
  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson
    I was very impressed with my session with Michael. He listened to what I wanted from the session, gave advice on my casting and talked with me about the variety of looks I wanted. I was extremely happy with the range of shots we took and think they have contributed to the casting calls I have obtained since.
  • Owyn Stephens
    Owyn Stephens
    Really pleased with the set of photos that Mike took. Professional and friendly throughout I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get head shots.

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