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    Sheila Burnett
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    Sheila Burnett : Professional Theatre Photographer who also specialises in Actor's Headshots. She has had over 20 years experience and can offer advise on hair/make up and all things related to your session.

    I work from my studio in Maida Vale W9. I'm easy to reach by either bus or tube just 20 minutes from the West End. All sessions take place indoors and out, I have a place for you to freshen up, change, do make up, shave etc. I like to start with a chat about hair, make up & outfits so I can offer my advice and guidance.

    I tend to work in the afternoons, 12 noon onwards and also at weekends

    My special rate for CCP Members is £225
    ( 10% discount off regular rate - none members £250 )
    inclusive of vat and costs

    This includes a 2 hour plus shoot : 100 proofs in b/w and colour : 5 re-touched highly finished final shots. Your favourite photo will be printed for you on 10x8 glossy photographic paper and sent to you by post, meanwhile your final high res images will be sent online by WE Transfer.

    An average of 250 photographs are taken throughout, I do the first edit with your approval and send the proofs by email 24 hours later or sooner if urgent.

    All further details are on line, including Student rates and shared sessions.
    Any questions you have, you may find the answers on my FAQ page on my headshot website, if you would like to chat in person, call me on 020 7289 3058 or 07974 731391
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  • Alice Bloomer
    Alice Bloomer
    Absolutely wonderful to work with. Made me feel incredibly comfortable behind the Camera, and turned out Lovely photos.
  • Thomas Stocker
    Thomas Stocker
    Sheila was a pleasure to work with, she made me feel very comfortable and took her time to get to know me which I really liked.
  • Eddie Chamberlin
    Eddie Chamberlin
    I always love working with Sheila she knows how to get the best out of you.
  • Jo Ola
    Jo Ola
    A female photographer you can rely on!
  • Elizabeth Lau
    Elizabeth Lau
    Sheila was wonderful to work with, highly recommended!
  • Lyn Mann
    Lyn Mann
    Sheila Burnett is a very experienced, warm and enthusiastic professional photographer. She gave lots of really useful advice and put me totally at ease. I was delighted with the range and quality of the headshots.
  • Veronika Smit
    Veronika Smit
    Sheila is a lovely person to work with, with a well of experience. She's fully devoted to the moment and to capturing her object in the best possible way. She made me feel safe and relaxed. I'm very pleased with the result.
  • Sydney K Smith
    Sydney K Smith
    Sheila is so lovely.I had a fantastic time working with her. A true professional.
  • Helga Ragnars
    Helga Ragnars
    Loved working with Sheila and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for new images to work with. Very helpful coaching and varied photos from the session.
  • Benjamin Judah
    Benjamin Judah
    Phenomenal - very professional, and a pleasure to work with.
  • Paul Willcocks
    Paul Willcocks
    Really relaxed and enjoyable session. Fully supportive in finding the right look. A very professional experience.
  • Anarosa De Eizaguirre
    Anarosa De Eizaguirre
    Sheila is a wonderful photographer and really puts you at ease . Her studio is very comforting and you just feel at home. It's like having your friend take pictures of you!
  • Gordon Lamont
    Gordon Lamont
    Great to work with and excellent results from a pro with an impressive client list.
  • Gordon Lamont
    Gordon Lamont
    Great to work with. Very supportive and excellent results from a skilled pro with an impressive client list.
  • Gordon Lamont
    Gordon Lamont
    Great to work with. A skilled and supportive professional with great results and an impressive client list.
  • Mark Stern
    Mark Stern
    Had a great photo shoot with Sheila, I would happily recommend her.
  • Aurora Ejikeme
    Aurora Ejikeme
    I recently had a Photo-shoot session with Sheila. It was so good. She made me feel comfortable and asked me about myself. Sheila was polite and kind, to me. Then we decided together what outfits to where for the photos. And she gave me advise on what make up would bring out my best features (i.e mascara to make my eyes look bigger and brighter). The whole session lasted 2 hours. She was an absolute delight to work with. I have to say the best photographer I have worked with so far!
  • Natasha Du Prez
    Natasha Du Prez
    I highly recommend this photographer, as she made the photographing experience so relaxed and enjoyable, and she produced many very high quality photographs for me to choose from.
  • James Barnes
    James Barnes
    Sheila is a wonderful photographer. She made me feel very relaxed and completely at ease
  • Tim Hilborne
    Tim Hilborne
    Sheila has such a great rapport that makes the sessions fun and productive with good outdoor and indoor set up. The resulting headshots have been excellent and the hardest part was narrowing down the choice from an wonderful selection.
  • Faye Steiger
    Faye Steiger
    Sheila is a fabulous photographer and a really lovely lady. I felt like I was chatting to a good friend, making me feel completely relaxed throughout my shoot. There's no 'faffing' around, just straight to the point with enough natural shots as needed. I'm very happy and extremely impressed with her work and how much we got done within in an hour and a half. Thank you Sheila! :-)
  • Danny Clark
    Danny Clark
    Absolute Pleasure !! Relaxed and open atmosphere,so important for Headshots,with the 25 years experience showing in all her suggestions.So happy with the results and a relief to find a photographer I can finally settle with.
  • Joanna Adam
    Joanna Adam
    Sheila is great. I spotted her offer on Mandy. Sheila is very professional, friendly and engaging which encourages opportunities for great shots. Thanks Sheila!
  • Grace Ward
    Grace Ward
    A wonderful experience. Sheila made me feel at ease. She took her time and I could tell she cared about getting the perfect shot, which was really appreciated.
  • Hannibal Latuff
    Hannibal Latuff
    Talented, friendly and full of creative ideas.
  • Natalie Wilcox
    Natalie Wilcox
    Great, comfortable setting. Plenty of time and help with make-up and hair. Thanks, Sheila!
  • Leonora Fyfe
    Leonora Fyfe
    Great shoot and good value.
  • Leonora Fyfe
    Leonora Fyfe
    Fabulous shoot. Very professional and a great rate. Thumbs up!
  • Leonora Fyfe
    Leonora Fyfe
    Very happy with this shoot. Sheila is anextremely efficient, versatile, professional and friendly photographer. Great rate too!
  • Matt da Gama
    Matt da Gama
    Sheila was incredible! She made the shoot easy and relaxed bringing out the best!
  • Evangeline Beaven
    Evangeline Beaven
    As part of the Mandy Monologue winning prize i was lucky enough to receive headshots from the lovely Sheila. She is a delight, always trying to capture my "sparkle" - we got on well and got some great shots to add to my portfolio.
  • Matt da Gama
    Matt da Gama
    Sheila was fantastic! Chatty and casual put me at ease and took magnificent shots! I recommend and will go back when more are needed!
  • Jacqueline Haigh
    Jacqueline Haigh
    Sheila took fantastic pictures of the show - highly recommended!
  • Jack Middleton
    Jack Middleton
    Sheila Burnett shoots and produces sharp images that capture a wide range in her actors. Slick and smart.
  • Juan Contreras
    Juan Contreras
    Sheila was helpful, professional and most of all friendly. Extremely happy with the results.
  • James Hepworth
    James Hepworth
    Having my headshots taken with Sheila was a real pleasure. Not only did she put me at ease with her comforting yet professional demeanour but the final product was of a superior quality and as such I am very happy with the final results and will recommend her services and return to her in the future as well.
  • Rob Trend
    Rob Trend
    Sheila Is the most incredible photographer and an absolute joy to work with. You are put at ease as soon as you arrive at her studio which is welcoming and comfortable to immediately relax you. Sheila very quickly knows what your looking for after chatting over tea and then begins her magic. The results are astounding and you receive the proofs within hours and finished images the next day. I wholeheartedly recommend Sheila Burnett and I know you will be thrilled with results. Pure talent. Thank you Sheila until the next time. Rob
  • Susanna Paisio
    Susanna Paisio
    I felt very confortable with her. Sheila worked in a very professional and generous way, always passing ease and never hurry
  • Amanda Waggott
    Amanda Waggott
    Amazing lady
  • Amanda Waggott
    Amanda Waggott
    wonderful lady
  • Alex Cowgill
    Alex Cowgill
    Sheila is fantastic, a brilliant photographer who puts you at ease from the first time you meet her.
  • Alex Cowgill
    Alex Cowgill
    Sheila was amazing to work with. Put me totally at ease and made the whole session enjoyable and rewarding. Highly recommended
  • Freddie Buck
    Freddie Buck
    Sheila is incredible. With years of experience she is undoubtedly the best in the field. Resulting in incredible headshots from a completely relaxed session. Definitely contact Sheila if you want the best headshots.
  • Janet Cost-Chretien
    Janet Cost-Chretien
    Sheila was absolutely great. Such a welcoming personality and very perceptive. Despite me suffering from sore eyes after just a few hours I was walking away with 6 very different looks. By the time I was sat on the train going home she had sent me two contact sheets with lots of good options to choose from. Her experience and professionalism shone through from start to finish. Oh, and she has access to a beautiful garden for the outdoor shots.
  • Hugh Jezard
    Hugh Jezard
    Outdoor shot. 6 more available.
  • Miranda allender
    Miranda allender
    Sheila is an expert in Headshots and a wonderful photographer to work with.
  • Eden Ford
    Eden Ford
    After an experience with a photographer that I would rather forget, I was apprehensive about getting some headshots to say the least. I read carl proctor’s advice this time and used the headshothunter site, both have information worth reading as has CCP. I had spotted Sheila Burnetts’ entry on CCP and then found it on Headshothunter. I already liked her photos and hoped she would be someone I could work with. Sheila has a beautiful flat in a period block on the 4th floor. The stairs were the only uphill struggle that day. From the moment Sheila opened the door my apprehension started to slip away and I felt like I was speaking to a friend. Hopefully all photographers know how to use their cameras and lights and are proficient editors but knowing how to use your subject, well that discipline is unobtainable for some and for the few that master it, only do so by study and experience. Sheila immediately read the angst in my eyes, sat me down made a joke then made me tea. After that, like a director that finds the performance within you that you would never have found alone, she gently takes you by the mind and eases you through the shoot. She is meticulous, patient and seems to know immediately what she is looking for and you will know when she’s got it. When I received the contact sheet (the very next day) I was overwhelmed by the amount of useable shots, like most actors I find it so easy to see fault in any stills I see my self in but with hers they are just me and the face I see is the same one I see in the mirror, except with a sparkle that has given me more confidence than any headshot has before them. Thank-you Sheila you are an Artist.
  • Lesley Stone
    Lesley Stone
    Yes I enjoyed my session with her.
  • Kassem Tuza
    Kassem Tuza
    I found an add for professional head-shots by Sheila Burnett on CCP, so I got in touch with her for an appointment. Very easy and quick response to my inquiries. When I went to her studio she was very welcoming, warm and instantly made me feel at ease. It was apparent to me that she is a master of her craft as she knew precisely what to do and how to direct and communicate with me during the photo-shoot. I was extremely pleased with how things were going throughout the whole process and couldn't be any happier with the whole experience. I highly recommend her and would most definitely be seeing her again next year to update my head-shots.
  • Alexander Furno
    Alexander Furno
    She is an amazing artist and kno how to shot the magicw
  • Rebecca Wilde
    Rebecca Wilde
    Sheila was great to work with, very relaxing and fun and really made the session about what I wanted to achieve from my headshots. Very happy indeed with the results. Would recommend to anyone.
  • Tom Slatter
    Tom Slatter
    Wonderful woman. Highly Recommended.
  • Alya Elouissi
    Alya Elouissi
    TRULY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I can't stress enough how happy and extremely satisfied I am with Sheila's service and headshots. The whole session was really relaxed and I enjoyed every single moment of it. The studio is really lovely and cosy where lots of magic happens! The outdoor locations are beautiful as well. Sheila is full of ideas and an extremely talented, positive, creative and excellent photographer! I absolutely love my new headshots thanks to her!!!! We captured different looks and styles and I highly recommend Sheila to everyone who wants and needs stunning acting headshots.
  • Antonio McCartan
    Antonio McCartan
    More than just great photographer, Sheila is also a great person. I really enjoyed the whole experience. Thank You. Antonio
  • Anthony Wolfe
    Anthony Wolfe
    Highly recommended. Sheila is a wonderful photographer - highly professional, friendly and efficient. Above all, she delivers excellent results.
  • Steffi DE LA O
    Steffi DE LA O
    Sheila Burnett is an absolutely talented, experienced photographer that captures the essence of a person in camera. She is also a nice and friendly person which makes the total photo experience a memorable moment. She also gave Steffi a few tips. Overall Sheila is the best photographer we have met.
  • Steffi DE LA O
    Steffi DE LA O
    Sheila Burnett is an absolutely talented, experienced photographer that captures the essence of a person in camera. She is also a nice and friendly person which makes the total photo experience a memorable moment. She also gave Steffi a few tips. Overall Sheila is the best photographer we have met.
  • Ian Chivers
    Ian Chivers
    A happy & productive return visit
  • Ian Chivers
    Ian Chivers
    Friendly input & a wealth of ideas
  • Ian Chivers
    Ian Chivers
    A joy to work with,
  • Ian Chivers
    Ian Chivers
    An afternoon well spent, very productive
  • Ian Chivers
    Ian Chivers
    Great friendly service & rewarding results
  • Ian Chivers
    Ian Chivers
    A thoroughly enjoyable shoot & a pleasure to work with.
  • Toni Brooks
    Toni Brooks
    Sheila is really great. She's friendly, puts one at ease and really listens to what you want. I had such a great time with her - she doesn't rush and she really wants you to love your shots - which I do. Can't recommend her enough.
  • Jemima Greentree
    Jemima Greentree
    Sheila was not only professional, she was hugely supportive, consultative and directed all of the shots with ease. She made you feel comfortable and ensured that the shoot was enjoyable. I was delighted by her pictures and I cannot recommend her more highly.
  • Roli Okorodudu
    Roli Okorodudu
    Patient. Professional. Excellent quality work.Fun friendly session!
  • Roli Okorodudu
    Roli Okorodudu
    Patient. Professional. Prompt. Fun session.
  • Klemens Koehring
    Klemens Koehring
    Sheila is a creative, personable, knowledgeable and meticulous photographer. The photo session was very productive, fun and efficient. Highly recommended!
  • Vita Oldershaw
    Vita Oldershaw
    Sheila is an EXCELLENT photographer! I am so pleased with my headshots from her, she's captured exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you Sheila B!
  • Evan Simmonds
    Evan Simmonds
    Sheila Is a complete professional through and through. she was completely accommodating and warm. I felt like I got to know her very well over an hour which made me completely relaxed when it came to shoot. Sheila knows what she's doing!
  • Wayne Swann
    Wayne Swann
    Experienced, talented and of course professional... Thank you Sheila!
  • Philip Delancy
    Philip Delancy
    Thorough, easy and fun!
  • Diana Brooks
    Diana Brooks
    Very pleased with the resulting photos and indeed the pleasant photo session.
  • Astrid Stevens
    Astrid Stevens
    Very relaxed and friendly photoshoot and I was really impressed with the results. I would highly recommend this photographer.
  • Anthony Rhodes
    Anthony Rhodes
    Fantastic photographer. She made me really feel at ease during the shoot and I enjoyed working with her despite my usual reluctance to have my photo taken! The results speak for themselves too - I highly recommend Sheila Burnett.
  • Robert Donald
    Robert Donald
    I chose Sheila Burnett after carefully examining several websites and was delighted with the results.
  • Alex Hogg
    Alex Hogg
    A great relaxed day , Shelia know just the look I wanted...
  • Alex Hogg
    Alex Hogg
    nice friendly photo shoot with a relaxed style...
  • Alexander Briem
    Alexander Briem
    Sheila is a brilliant photographer. One of the best.
  • Ben Anthony
    Ben Anthony
    Fantastic artist - Creates an comfortable and professional atmosphere whilst capturing the inner actor.
  • Jane Ledsom
    Jane Ledsom
    See Previous testimonial. Sheila is great!
  • Jane Ledsom
    Jane Ledsom
    Sheila is wonderfully personable, relaxed and engaging. She takes excellent photographs in outdoor and studio settings getting to know your personality in the consultation and putting you at ease to get the best out of you. She is very prompt at getting your images to you and helpful with photo selection. I would HIGHLY recommend her and hope to use her again.
  • Rachel Kelly
    Rachel Kelly
    She was unbelievably lovely, patient and helpful towards me during the shoot.
  • Carol Soper
    Carol Soper
    Lovely relaxed atmosphere, a great photographer with great photos.
  • Felix Pring
    Felix Pring
    Sheila is very friendly and put me at ease with a cup of tea, despite my nerves about having a bad hair day, in her pleasant studio near Little Venice, London, W9, whilst we discussed what I wanted to achieve. She provided the facilities for me to make several changes in look and coaxed me into interesting expressions. The session was very efficient and took less than 90 minutes. I soon received a contact sheet and then started the difficult bit. My deal included two photographs but I was spoilt for choice and ended up having six paying a reasonable extra fee for the other four and they all arrived as 2.7MB jpeg files on a CD printed with my name together with the 10 by 8s. I am very pleased with the looks achieved. She is a very experienced photographer who I wholeheartedly recommend.
  • Charles Mugleston
    Charles Mugleston
    Professional, sensitive, warm, generous, highly recommended - thankyou Sheila and all the best for the future. Charles Mugleston
  • Carol Robb
    Carol Robb
    Sheila is a consummate professional-I had a great time in the photo session and she has produced a range of black and white and colour photos that I will be able to use for all aspects of my work. Totally delighted!
  • Clare Perkins
    Clare Perkins
    Quite simply the best photo's i've had taken apart from the ones she did for me about 15 years ago, lovely laid back personalised session. thanks Sheila xx
  • Annmarie Hodson
    Annmarie Hodson
    Excellent photographer! Makes you feel at home and takes great natural pictures.
  • Fiona Watson
    Fiona Watson
    She is really wonderful, I love the pics of me that Sheila took. That's a first.
  • Andrew Lothian
    Andrew Lothian
    Simply the best photographer that's ever taken pictures of me. she know's EXACTLY what she's doing.
  • Andrew Holloway
    Andrew Holloway
    Sheila was accommodating, friendly and really helped me to relax. I recommend her to anyone seeking new headshots.
  • Nigel Bernard
    Nigel Bernard
    These photos are just perfect and represent me completely and was really pleased that i was not rushed she was very calm and took her time too get really good shots. Very professional. Thank you sheila.
  • Ian Pope
    Ian Pope
    Really great headshots.
  • Tuesday Betts
    Tuesday Betts
    Sheila is a lovely lady and a fabulous photographer. I visited Sheila at her home and studio in Maida Vale and she instantly made me feel at ease. We had a coffee and a chat before we started working on the photographs and she gave me tips on my make-up and hair and how to hold my face and mouth in the photos. The whole process took approximately 2.5 hours and the finished results were very impressive. Sheila also keeps all photographs taken during the shoot on file so you can always order more in the future. The session was very good value for money and I highly recommend Sheila as a photographer.
  • Kirsty Henderson
    Kirsty Henderson
    Shelia Burnett is a fabulous photographer! She was professional but very friendly. I felt comfortable with her from the moment I stepped through the door. She took tons of photos and showed me them as we went along. I though the best thing about Shelia was that she automatically looked for my best side and the pose that made me look my best so I didn't end up with a contact sheets full of useless photographs. She deleted all the pictures where I was blinking or that were bad and gave me contact sheets where EVERY photograph is great. For the service you get the price is very low when compared with other top photograhpers and its a personal experience like so many aren't. I'm thrilled that I used Shelia and I will 100% use her agin in the future.
  • Iain Peacock
    Iain Peacock
    Very relaxed photography session; Sheila made me feel very comfortable and took so many excellent photos that I was hard pressed to choose the 4 to be printed.
  • Nigel Bernard
    Nigel Bernard
    I really enjoyed the process of the whole shoot. She took her time too make me relax so she could take the right shots and never pressured me once and that was really helpful. I receieve fantastic comments about her pictures regurlarly so a big THANK YOU! to her
  • Bianca Arlette
    Bianca Arlette
    Sheila Burnett was a pleasure to work with and I will definitely choose her again when I need new photos. She has a very specific look, her photos stand out even in the spotlight books because of Sheila's very unique use of light. The contrasts between light and dark give the images a striking look which doesn't suit everybody but for those who have the right features, Sheila Burnett is pure photographer gold. Also, she is a genuinely nice person and lovely to spend a couple of hours with.

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