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  • Author
    Samuel Beckett
  • Overview
    Estragon is joined by Vladimir on a bleak roadside, near a tree. Both are tramps, dressed in ragged clothing. Estragon wants to leave, but Vladimir reminds him that they are waiting for Godot. They don't know that he is coming, whether they are waiting in the right place, or even why they are waiting for him. Pozzo arrives, leading Lucky by a rope round his neck. Pozzo is domineering and carries a whip to control Lucky like an animal. Pozzo demonstrates his complete power over Lucky, making him serve him food, and then throwing him the bones. Pozzo tells Estragon and Vladimir that Lucky won’t put down his bags because he is afraid of being given away. Pozzo eventually is encouraged to speak and they can only shut up his stream of words by wrestling him to the ground. Pozzo and Lucky go on their way, and Estragon and Vladimir continue to wait for Godot. A young boy comes to tell them that Mr Godot cannot come, but may come tomorrow. In Act Two, Vladimir and Estragon return to the same spot to wait. After a while, Pozzo and Lucky reappear, but Pozzo is now blind. He can no longer make Lucky dance or think because Lucky is now mute. They go on their way, and again the boy comes to say that Mr Godot won't be coming, but he may come tomorrow. Estragon and Vladimir want to leave but simply remain waiting.

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