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  • Author
    Bram Stoker
  • Overview
    Jonathan Harker, the young English solicitor’s clerk, has been sent to Transylvania to secure the sale of an British castle to Count Dracula, leaving behind his fiancé Mina. Strange events during his journey, and the unnerving appearance of the count and his home leave Jonathan disturbed on his arrival at Castle Dracula. He is further disturbed by the unexpected surprises that occur during his stay. Three ghostly women accost him, and he notices that he cannot see Dracula’s reflection in the mirror. One night he sees Dracula climbing down the wall of the castle like a bat. He soon realises that he is a prisoner in the castle. He becomes determined to free himself, which he eventually manages to do.

    Dracula leaves to take up lodgings in Carfax, his new castle in Essex. He arrives at Whitby harbour in a great storm, leaving a dead crew onboard, the captains wrists bound to the wheel, and jumps ashore in the form of a great black dog. He begins to prey on the blood of young Lucy, Mina’s friend. Van Helsing, a friend of one of Lucy’s suitors John Seward, comes to England to try and save Lucy, but to no avail. She becomes a vampire. When she begins to prey on young children, her lover Arthur Holmwood is forced to kill her.

    Dracula turns his attention to Mina, as a hunt begins for him. Lead by Van Helsing, they intend to put a stop to Dracula’s evil for good. Renfield, an inmate of the mental asylum near Carfax, is driven into a state of frenzy by the proximity of Dracula. He tries to escape to see his “master”.

    Dracula begins the journey back to Transylvania. He is pursued by Van Helsing, Jonathan and the others, who manage eventually to drive a stake into his heart, killing him and putting an end to his influence over Mina.
  • Play
    Download the text for free from Project Gutenberg here: Dracula

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