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  • Author
    John Osborne
  • Overview
    University educated Jimmy Porter and his middle-class wife, Alison, live in a small bed-sit with Jimmy’s friend, Cliff. Jimmy is verbally aggressive and rallies against life, his wife and society in general. Cliff plays the role of peace-maker as Alison and Jimmy’s marriage shows signs of breaking down. When Alison’s school friend Helena arrives, she is appalled at the way Alison is treated by Jimmy. She calls Alison’s father, who comes to get Alison while Jimmy is out. Helena then moves in with Jimmy, taking Alison’s place. When Alison returns to visit, she tells Helena that she was pregnant and has lost the baby. Helena feels ashamed, even though Alison feels not malice towards her, and decides to leave. Alison then moves back in with Jimmy.

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