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  • Author
    Alan Ayckbourn
  • Overview
    ‘Confusions’ is a series of five interlinked one-act black comedies, connected by the characters, their locations and the main theme their loneliness.

    Act 1: Mother Figure - Set in a living room
    Lucy, mother of three spends so much time at home with the kids, that she has started to treat everyone like children, even her next door neighbours.
    Act 2: Drinking Companion - Set in a bar
    Lucy’s husband, a salesman called Harry is away staying in a hotel. He is sitting in the bar becoming more and more drunk in the process of trying to pick up two girls, Paula and Bernice.
    Act3: Between Mouthfuls – Set in a restaurant
    Paula and Bernice’s waiter also has other things on his mind. The rapidly deteriorating relationships of customers Polly and Martin, and Mr and Mrs Pearce.
    Act 4: Gosforth’s fete – set in a marquee
    Mr Pearce is invited to open a village fete but with sudden down pour of rain everything that can go wrong does - with hilarious results.
    Act 5: Talk in the Park – set in a park
    Finally, five people, Arthur, Beryl, Charles, Doreen and Ernest are sitting alone on four park benches, each pesters another in turn, wanting to tell there story.

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1 known roles

Connected mandy members:

Dan Wrigley
Dan Wrigley
2019, Terry, Martin, Stokes, Ernest
Middlesbrough Theatre
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith
Voice Over: English
2018, Harry
Jonelle Roberts
2018, Harry Compton
The Courtyard Theatre
Jordan Wright
2018, Terry and Martin
Mechanics Theatre Wakefield
Connor Dawson
2018, Pearce/Vicar/Arthur
Vicki Matranga
2018, Waiter/Paula
The Courtyard Theatre
James Allbones
2018, Gosforth/Martin/Waiter
Kirsty Renouf
2018, Bernice/Milly
The Courtyard Theatre
Hannah Delaney
2018, Rosemary/ Mrs Pearce
The Courtyard Theatre
Justine Pickering
2018, Lucy, Polly, Doreen
Courtyard Theatre
Matilda Swinney
2017, Milly Carter
Lantern Theatre
Celine Aussourd
2017, Marie (Supporting)
Joshua Bosman
2017, Martin/The Vicar
The Edge Theatre
Stephen Atkins
2017, Terry ("Mother Figure") and Waiter ("Drinking Companions" and "Between Mouthfuls")
George Moss
George Moss
2016, Arthur
Hannah Samuels
2016, Lucy
London Tour
Lee Brown
Lee Brown
2016, Harry
Emma Lang
Emma Lang
Assistant Stage Manager
2016, Assistant Stage Manager
UK Tour
Barty Shepherd
2016, Martin/Charles
Emma Laverty
Emma Laverty
Assistant Stage Manager
2016, Assistant Stage Manager
Peter Sarah Theatre