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  • Author
    August Strindberg
  • Overview
    A play which explores the psychology of a passionate woman - Miss Julie. At the trun of the 20th century when psychology was a new science, Strindberg focusses upon the battle between the sexes, the class war and an amazing power struggle between Jean, the valet, and Miss Julie the aristocrat's daughter. Miss Julie must fall down or be torn down (or does she fling herself?) from her ivory tower. She is compelled to sink to the lowest depths. The play reaches a shattering climax after she has been seduced by the self promoting Jean and she agonises that her blood will be tainted by the 'lackey's' seed. With the arrival home of her father she leaves the stage to end her own life as she can no longer face him. Jean reverts to his inferior role and rushes to obey his master.
    The play is a three hander and all three parts are well worth playing. Obviously Jean and Julie are the main protagonists with a smaller role of the maid (Jean's fiance) but she falls asleep and misses most of the fun!
    Miss Julie is a tour-de-force of a role for an actress. There are smouldering scenes of sexual tension between Jean and Julie which are a joy to play. Both have very long speeches and Julie has some wonderful, scathing outbursts against men and working class men!
    It is a very demanding role psychologically. If you are going to play it - pray that you have a wonderful sympathetic director.
  • Play
    Download the text for free from Project Gutenberg here: Miss Julie