Plays Directory : Through the Door

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  • Author
    Laurence Mark Wythe and Judy Freed.
  • Written
  • Setting
    Modern Day New York/ 17th Century France
  • Overview
    Charlotte is a modern woman, who is finding life just a little too ordinary. Her husband Lenny, works long hours, and their marriage seems to be going nowhere.

    However when Charlotte stumbles upon a mysterious time rip that delivers her directly to seventeenth century France, she finds the romance, adventure and passion that she has been yearning for. She finds Jean Pierre, the ultimate 'Handsome Prince' of France. It isn't long before Charlotte is juggling life in both worlds - a life now so full of deceit and deception, she is inevitably torn between the two. When Lenny discovers the door and finds himself suddenly in the seventeenth century too, he discovers much more than he expected.

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