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  • Author
    Rachel Wagstaff, Stephen Coleman, Matthew Brind
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  • Overview
    A husband and wife separated by war, a soldier and a nurse who find true love on the battlefield and a band of brothers, soldiers who would give up their lives for one another.

    Set against the tumultuous backdrop of the Second World War, "ONLY THE BRAVE" is a passionate new work of musical theatre inspired by the true life stories of men and women who lived, loved, and fought for freedom.

    From the heroic rescue of British soldiers from the beaches at Dunkirk in May 1940, "ONLY THE BRAVE" follows the incredible journey of Captain John Coombes, his wife and family and the men in his unit as they are swept up in the extraordinary events leading up to and immediately following D-Day. In fighting for the liberation of France, they discover loss and love, with their journey culminating in one of the bravest acts of heroism seen in WWII.