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  • Author
    Neil Simon
  • Overview
    Sweet Charity is a story set in New York of a woman who works in a dance hall and longs for something more.

    Charity is a naive (when compared to her cynical friends at the club) woman who dreams of making something more of herself and of finding a man that will lover her. She has gone through relationship after relationship and has constantly been mistreated by her lovers. The story introduces her through one such relationship with a film star whose lifestyle leaves her speechless (but full of song) with awe, and then shows her what a real respectful relationship (with an ?ordinary? man) could be like. Unfortunately she hasn?t been entirely truthful with her new gentleman, and the show ends with Charity facing the city once more determined to improve herself; optimistic, but alone.

    Often associated with Bob Fosse's stylistic choreography, the show includes many recognisable numbers, such as: The Rhythm of Life, If They Could See Me Now, Big Spender, I'm a Brass Band, and for the Fosse fanatics, it is the source of The Frug.

    Originally a vehicle for Gwen Verdon, the title role has been played since by Shirley MacLaine in the 1969 film, as well as Debbie Allen, and now Christina Applegate, in subsequent revivals.