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  • Author
    Michael Dawson
  • Setting
  • Overview
    Luke's life is like that of any other Manchester lad, He enjoys the footy, likes his job and plays in a band. But all that is about to change drastically.

    It becomes aparent that during an official inspection of the Turin Shroud in 1978 stolen DNA samples were used to produce a healthy living child.
    The three men involved have kept it a secret until now.
    That child could be Luke?
    Now the world’s media are closing in and they are calling him the “New Messiah”. He believes he is just an ordinary guy but does he raise the dead and stop a war? Whilst his entire life is under a microscope he attempts to deal with more domestic issues closer to home.

    "Jesus is a City Fan" is the ultimate parody of how todays modern media and fast food society trivialise fame, celebrity and religion

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